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Add Details to Your Character: Hands, Poses, Accessories & Clothe Folds

By Masuoka

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Add details to your character: Hands, poses, accessories & clothe folds

with Artist, Masuoka


Have you ever wondered what color to paint when drawing an illustration? Have you ever felt the cheapness of your painting? We will teach you many tricks to gorgeously brush up your painting as well as the basics needed to draw through cool and atmospheric hand drawing, three-dimensional clothing wrinkles, and lightness-conscious metal painting. I will teach you how to draw your character to make it look more attractive in the illustration in the end.


This course is for any beginners or intermediate artists and people who want to draw and bring their own characters to life, and want to improve their own eyes for observing the details and colors. This course does not demand classmates to imitate existing style but teaches the secrets of my style and help you to find and establish your own style.


By the end of this course, you will have a more excellent understanding of color theory, anatomy of hands, and method of expressing the material of clothes and metals. To draw beautiful hands and outfits and accessories with simple design, the knowledge of principle is so useful.

Important Notice: This is an pre-sale class! That means the production of this class is just starting. The curriculum is subject to change, and content may be uploaded sequentially based on the creator’s schedule to ensure that we provide the class in the best quality possible.


  1. Meet Your Instructor

  2. Introduction to the course

  3. Introduction to the program(SAI2)

Chapter 1: Sketching & drawing hands (analog drawing)

  1. Understanding the hand anatomy
  2. Hand structure and poses
  3. Let's practice: subject and the procedure
  4. Let's practice: tips and tricks!

Chapter 2: Coloring the hands (digital drawing)

  1. Learning the basics of CG illustration and the effects of adding layers
  2. Color palette and color wheel
  3. Adding color with a simple brush
  4. Adding a style and atmosphere

Chapter 3: Sketching clothes (analog drawing)

  1. Understanding the style features of shirts & pants
  2. Clothe folds for more vivid illustration
  3. Let's practice: Sketch your own clothes!

Chapter 4: Let's practice: Sketch your own clothes!

  1. Coloring the clothes
  2. Understanding the textile of clothes
  3. Let's practice: Add colors to your clothes (use a photo reference)!

Chapter 5: Drawing accessories (digital drawing)

  1. Understanding the types of metal and how to uniquely express them with colors
  2. Drawing accessories part.1
  3. Drawing accessories part.2
  4. Understanding the structure of a watch
  5. Let's practice: Draw your own watch!

Chapter 6: Illustrating a character

  1. Simple rules for character poses
  2. Drawing a face (analog)
  3. Skins, eyes, and lips (digital)
  4. Composition & arrangement of the setting
  5. Hair: from adding colors to completion (digital)

Chapter 7: Props to add more unique personality to your character

  1. Glasses & ties
  2. Belts, laces & frills


Congratulations on completing the course!

Meet Your Creator
Nice to meet you!
My name is Masuoka. I'm a Japanese artist. I'm a self-taught artist.
I usually draw boys who are my original characters and post them to Twitter and Instagram. I have learned not only from ancestors' knowledge and intelligence about drawing illustrations but also academic literature in anatomy, biology, chemistry, and so on. Through the characters, I express "feelings and experiences that could not be expressed in words."
In this year (2021), I am a part-time lecturer on the composition of illustrations at the university.
  • Paint Tool SAI is a subscription-based paid software. You will be using Paint Tool SAI in this class, so we would highly recommend you to download/purchase the app prior to taking the class.

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 32 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Important Notice

This is a presale class! That means the production of this class is just starting. The curriculum is subject to change, and content may be uploaded sequentially based on the creator’s schedule to ensure that we provide the class in the best quality possible.

Earn Points to Extend the Class Access

Receive points by completing chapter missions OR by taking the class two or more times a week. And use the points to extend your class access!

Presale Offer

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Installment Payment

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Class Preparation

Please download/purchase Paint Tool SAI prior to taking the class.

Class access

Class videos will be available by March 31st. We will notify you via email regarding how to access to the class videos on the release date.

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