Shining Like a Star : Make Your Own Magical Costume

By Ariel

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Shining Like a Star: Make Your Own Magical Costume

Costume Making Class with
Creator, Ariel


If you've ever dreamed of becoming a sparkly Pretty Sailor Soldier, this class will guide you through all the construction. Choose the color of Sailor you want, and you will learn to make a complete outfit including a dress, gloves, boot covers, accessories and wig styling. You will also learn to adjust your costume to your figure. After following each steps of this class, you will have ONE personalized dream costume in your hand.


This class is for someone who wishes to create a fun and magical cosplay costume. Basic knowledge of using a sewing machine or following a pattern may need before joining this class. This class includes a pattern that I created just for this class. It will also cover different body shapes and sizes.


By the end of this class, you will have ONE and ONLY magical costume that fits you perfectly. You will learn various types of sewing skills throughout the journey, fitting a mockup to your measurements, assembly and construction, and clean hand finishing touches. You will also learn basic wig styling and accessory crafting. Those skills then can be used to make many new garments and cosplay for yourself or others.

Step 1 : The basics of garment construction

Step 2 : Fitting a mockup to your body

Step 3 : Sewing a corseted dress and working with sequins

Step 4 : Make embellishment and accessories


  1. Meet your instructor
  2. Going over the basics
  3. Overview of tools and materials

Chapter 1: Making your first mockup

  1. Preparing the pattern
  2. Cutting and assembling main body
  3. Closure and skirt

Chapter 2: Fitting mockup and alterations

  1. Fitting someone else & Alterations #1
  2. Fitting myself & Alterations #2
  3. Alterations #3 & Finalizing the pattern

Chapter 3: Final Dress Top

  1. Sequin Bodice
  2. Boning the bodice
  3. Sailor Collar

Chapter 4: Final Dress Skirt

  1. Fluffy Petticoat

  2. Waist belt

  3. Sequin Pleated skirt

Chapter 5: Final Dress Finishing

  1. Closing the dress with a zipper
  2. Puffy Sleeves
  3. Sparkly red bows and snaps

Chapter 6: Stylize Your Costume

  1. Gloves and shoes
  2. Wigs
  3. Jewelry and accessories

Chapter 7: More Costume Tips

  1. Using your pattern for other projects
  2. General tips on technical matters
  3. Resources and research  


1. What should I do with my pretty costume?

Meet Your Creator
Hi there!
My name is Ariel. I am a costume maker from south of France. I studied fashion in Paris, then became a chief costumer in a theater. I have been making costumes for years, many historical, fantasy costumes, wedding dresses and now cosplay as well. I work as a set designer as well and try to learn and experiment with many different techniques that can be applied in garments and accessories. I have won some contests, and I am currently the french representative for the World Cosplay Summit 2021 in Japan. I love to teach other people all the knowledge, tips, tricks and anecdotes I have learnt over the years. It is a pleasure to help other in their projects, find ways to make original ideas work, and see people having fun wearing their creation.


Please note that class materials are subject to change depending on availability of the product. Should a specific item be unavailable at the time of your order, a different, but similar item will be included in the package as replacement. Also pendants are not included in the class kit.

  1. White Sewing Sequin Fabric (main body) /1 yard
  2. Royal Blue Sewing Sequin Fabric (collar and skirt) /1.5 yard
  3. Red Sewing Sequin Fabric (bow) /0.5m
  4. White Poplin Fabric (Lining body) /2 yard
  5. Navy Solid Poplin Fabric (Lining skirt + petty coat) /1.5 yard
  6. Tailor scissors for right handed
  7. Snap Buttons
  8. White Invisible Zipper /24 inch
  9. White Sequin Trimming /3m
  10. Princess Victoria Assorted Hand Needles
  11. Boning /3m
  12. Sewing Pins with Colored Heads
  13. White Thread /1 spool
  14. Dark Navy Thread /1 spool
  • Who want to learn the fundamentals of costume making
  • Who want to learn how to create a costume that is altered to their body shape
  • Who want to understand how to create an actual costume from scratch
  • Who want to become their favorite characters with their handmade costume

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