Digital Drawing

Learn to Illustrate Your Feeling Using Clip Studio Paint

By Nakdi

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Express Yourself with Your Original Illustration

Learn Digital Drawing Using Clip Studio Art with
Professional Artist, Nakdi

How was your day? My day has been peaceful, yet soggy just like week-old potato chips. Does it sound like gibberish? It's not always easy to express how you feel in words. BUT you might feel the vibe of my day. I think the most significant benefit of drawing is to express what cannot be expressed. The unlimitedness and ambiguity can sometimes better deliver the atmosphere and vibe.

Many people out there choose illustrations as their method to express their feelings for this reason. You can empathize and be emphasized with the drawings for the feelings and thoughts that you could never express in words.

Throughout the course, you will learn to illustrate and color your thoughts and feelings from scratch. I will walk with you to learn more about conveying your vague emotions into aesthetically pleasing drawings with different exercises and missions.  

At the end of this course, you will have finished illustrations that portray your day. If you wanted to find a channel to express yourself, this class is just for you!

This course is perfect for people interested in digital drawing from beginners to intermediate. During this course, we will be using Clip Studio Paint and iPad. I will be going over the basics of Clip Studio Paint, including fundamental tools, must-know settings, and tips and tricks to make your life easier. Moreover, you will learn how to express yourself and convey your messages using illustrations.

When I try to convey my feelings, I often draw humans to represent myself and deliver my message. One of the many reasons why I want to make sure they look attractive. Human figure drawing is often considered the most challenging part of the illustrations. AND surprisingly, this challenge is not limited to beginners, because you need to understand human anatomy: bones, joints, and the muscles around it.

Sounds too complicated? Don't be scared. I will help you how we can break down the human poses into smaller and simpler shapes. Once we master building human figures from basic shapes, we will cover the different angles of different features and poses: facial expressions to hands, feet, and many more. We will also add face, hairs, and clothes to give a more completed look.

After practicing drawing human figures, we will start adding the atmosphere and vibes around them. The atmosphere of drawing depends on its lights and colors. Throughout the course, we will be experimenting with different illustrating techniques, such as drawing lines, coloring, and shading. After this course, you will be capable of applying appropriate methods and creating the original color palette for your illustration.

This course will also help you to explore your original style of drawings. We will first study your likes, dislikes, loves, and rather not, then gather them to understand your preference. We won’t stop there and turn your preference into your original piece of art. Finding your authentic drawing style will help you become a better and more attractive artist in the future.

Step 1: Illustrating with Clip Studio and iPad

Step2: Building Human Figures from Simple Shapes

Step3: Mastering the Color Theories and Various Coloring Methods

Step4: Creating and Rendering Original Character Design

Step 5: Finding Your Original Styles


  1. Meet Your Instructor: NAKDI
  2. Introduction to NAKDI’s Course
  3. Let’s take a look at the Clip Studio

Chapter 1: Overview of Clip Studio

  1. Introduction to Clipstudio, and setting the workspace
  2. Mastering the commonly used tools
  3. Grasping the mixtures of Layers
  4. How to use reference and brushes.

Chapter 2: How to Draw Human Figures

  1. Simplifying human figures 1
  2. Simplifying human figures 2 (hands, feet, face)
  3. Illustrating different human postures

Chapter 3: Understanding the Color in Digital Illustration

  1. Understanding and applying the color theory
  2. Objects that add depth to your drawings (1)
  3. Objects that add depth to your drawing (2)
  4. How to use the lighting
  5. How to make your drawings dimensional

Chapter 4: How to Draw a Charming Character

  1. Drawing faces from different angles
  2. Understanding facial expressions
  3. Rendering the character: hairstyles
  4. Rendering the character: clothing
  5. Perfecting your character

Chapter 5: Finding Your Original Styles

  1. Exploring different styles: using points, lines, and planes
  2. Exploring different styles: using different coloring methods and brushes  
  3. Exploring different styles: using different color combinations and spectrums

Chapter 6: Coloring Your Illustration in Colored Pencil Style

  1. Choosing colors and locating the light
  2. Applying shades and details 1: face and hairstyle  
  3. Applying shades and details 2: Clothing  
  4. Editing your illustration

Chapter 7: How to Create an Illustration from Scratch

  1. Sketching, layering, and observing references
  2. Adding the base colors and shading
  3. Adding details to your character
  4. Coloring the landscapes and backgrounds
  5. Tuning the colors using Tone Curve and Filters

Bonus Chapter: How I Find References for My Illustrations

  1. How I record my daily life and turn it into references
  2. How to get others to sympathize with your illustrations


1. Congratulations on Completing the Course

About the Instructor

Introducing the Creator, Nakdi

Hi everyone! My name is Nakdi, a self-taught illustrator and digital artist. My journey as a self-taught artist has not been easy, but my passion for art kept me stable. I started digital drawing since I was in middle school, and now I would like to consider myself as a professional digital illustrator. At first I just like to create and design characters, but now I have been focusing on sharing my message with the world in illustrated form. I use colors to deliver my feelings, and characters and their behaviors to convey my message.

Of course, there were moments where I couldn’t even bare or look at my drawings. After all, as a self-taught artist, I didn’t have any place to ask questions. I believe that we draw to be happy and should stay happy. I organized class for all those out there who have so many questions waiting to be answered. I will help you convey the world in your head in your original styles throughout the class.

Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

I started drawing when I was a kid. I loved creating my original characters from scratch, thinking of all the details that would show and tell the character’s story. When I was in Middle school, that’s when I started digital drawing. I didn’t have anyone to ask questions, so I had to find all the answers on my own. It hasn’t been easy, but I was able to explore different styles and methods of drawing. As much as drawing has been my passion, my current purpose is to help other future-artists.

  • People who want to learn illustrate using Clip Stuidio Paint
  • People who want to find their original styles
  • People who want to learn different styles of illustration
  • People who want their drawings to draw people’s attention
  • People who are self-taught artists, struggling with their next step.

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