Learn How to Make Macarons and Tarts Like a Professional Patissier

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Thanks to you, I made a macaron holiday gift set and gave it to my relatives! Thank you very much. I still have a lot of room for improvement, but I'm so happy to see a macaron that I'm very satisfied with. I haven't tried the difficult ones with two flavors yet, so I'm going to try them. Your lesson was very satisfying and helpful. I can't wait to get to learning how to make the tart. Thank you!👍👍

-by Bara

No words needed! I really enjoyed it. The person who got the gift really liked it as well! I usually like the combination of chestnut and green tea, but when I apply it to macarons, it's on another level! It was a little hard to find a pair of two different colored skewers, but I'll have to try many more times to make them the same size whenever I make them!

-by Haru

Teacher! The tarts are really delicious!!!!! I only ground a small amount of powdered sugar on top and sprinkled it. I didn't like the taste of green tea so I finished it with minced pistachio. It was so delicious. Thank you so much for the good recipe and I will definitely eat the unfinished tart later.

-by Jeong Heewon

Find the perfect balance of aroma and texture

Incomplete Table’s dessert class.

Hello, I am Choi Chang-hee, and I make macarons and other delicious desserts at my bakery Incomplete Table. Our shop is located in Seoul. We respect the fact that even though we are constantly thinking, preparing, and baking, we cannot satisfy everyone’s unique tastes and orders.

Understand the good ingredients of the season,

and create desserts based on them.

Our shop is named “Incomplete Table” with the belief that we will challenge and fail countless times and still try harder to become “complete.” We create various desserts by using seasonal ingredients and are constantly looking for the perfect taste.

Polished through years of experimentation

The perfect balance of gorgeous color and beautiful taste

The ultimate macaron making class

Macaroons are the most colorful and beautifully eaten French sweets.

A macaron is a very special cookie that loses its unique charm if the balance is wrong. You must pay great attention to the ingredients you use and how you prepare them.

The small differences determine the perfection. How to make a perfect round coque, understanding chocolate, making your own ganache cream, and finishing a well-baked macaron, each part plays a big role. I’ll walk you through the tried and true techniques unique to Incomplete Table.

Mastering the perfect basic kneading method

Using seasonal ingredients

Let's make a tart in various flavors.

The tart is a savory dessert that can capture the essence of each season. It is easy to make at home if you are familiar with basic kneading. Create your own special tart that is unique to your tastes.

Anyone can understand

Easy to follow at home

Contains every small detail and technique you need to know

Everyone has a moment when they start out, where you feel frustration with your lack of progress, and even I had moments like that when I started baking. However, if you can start with the guidance of someone who knows your struggles, your journey will become more enjoyable.

Through this class, I have mixed in beginner to advanced classes so that anyone can follow along and become a baking master.

Through this class, we plan to have a variety of fun lessons, from how desserts become much more delicious with just a simple combination of ingredients, to detailed classes that teach you how to make macarons, the Incomplete Table way.

We will send you recipe notes (PDF file)

At the end of the lesson, we'll provide you with additional recipe notes to help you continue your baking journey! Follow the class lessons step by step and immerse yourself in the world of delightful desserts.

Below are examples of some of the delicious desserts you will complete!

I hope the time with me will be a little more meaningful to you.

Baking with Incomplete Table.

Welcome to Incomplete Table’s Baking Class

  1. Meet Changhee Choi: Incomplete Table’s owner, pastry chef and your instructor
  2. What do desserts mean to you?
  3. Taking a look at the tools needed for the class
  4. Good desserts start with good tools

01. Before We Start

  1. Mise en Place - Getting everything ready
  2. Incomplete Table’s preparation process
  3. The proper way to use the oven and mixer
  4. How to make meringues perfect for macarons

02. The Details of Macarons

  1. How to create the perfect macaron batter
  2. How the baking process can change the shape of macarons
  3. How to perfectly bake the macarons

03. The Cream of Macaron Changes Everything

  1. Understanding chocolate will help you understand macaron cream
  2. Beginner-level ganache - The thick aroma of vanilla macarons
  3. Beginner-level ganache - Using mugwort and green tea powder to create white chocolate macarons
  4. Beginner-level ganache - Getting a good paste for pistachio macarons
  5. Intermediate-level ganache - Using cocoa butter to make dark chocolate macarons

04. Perfecting Balance When Making Macarons

  1. Olive macarons - Perfecting smells and texture
  2. Yogurt basil lemon macarons - Using fruit and fresh yogurt
  3. Chestnut and matcha macarons - Perfect for every season

05. Easy Homemade Tarts

  1. How to make pie batter for tarts
  2. Lemon tart - A tart made with light ingredients and lemons
  3. Chocolate tart - A tart with a rich dark chocolate filling

06. Making Fruit Tarts

  1. Blueberry tart - A purple gift from God
  2. Strawberry tart - Discover the combination of strawberries and pistachios
  3. Fig tart - Discover the combination of caramel, almonds, and figs
  4. Apple crumble tart - A reinterpretation of apples

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In closing: I hope this class meant something to you

Creator Incomplete Table


I started to bake because I wanted to run a cafe space. I was a person who was nowhere near cooking, but when I started thinking about running a cafe, I attended a dessert and chocolate class with the thought that ‘If a person who can’t bake anything right tries to open their own cafe, they’re going to be in trouble,’ and it has been 7 years since then.

At first, macarons were desserts that were made for the survival of the store, but now they are one of our specialties. The opportunity I want to present to you through this class is simple. I would like more people to learn how to make French macarons and realize how easy it is to make on your own. With my years of experience revealed to you, and enough practice at home, you’ll find yourself creating macarons that are no different from the ones at Incomplete Table.

There are no correct answers, but I will introduce you to good guidelines for creating macarons and basic desserts that will give you a good start into your baking journey.

Thank you.

  • People who want to understand the basics of making macarons
  • People who want to make desserts simply and deliciously by themselves
  • People who want to learn the recipes of a famous dessert cafe restaurant from the comfort of your own home
  • People who want to learn a new, enriching hobby

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