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Create Your Own Magical Fantasy World

By Wedji

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I finished the mission! It’s a lot more fun than I originally thought!

-by Jeong Hee Joo

I’m new to coloring, so I think that I tried really hard when coloring!! I worked hard on the blending in the hair. Thank you so much for your feeback!

-by Chenche

Grab your Wacom tablet and let’s get started! If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry, you can purchase one in one of our packages made specifically for this class!

Draw dreamy fantasy artwork

When you’ve had a long day, escape to your own fantasy world. You can create scenes from your dreams in the chibi (anime/manga) style. Princes, princesses, talking teacups, mermaids, horses with wings! Anything you can imagine, you’ll learn how to draw.

If your life lacks imagination, take a break and come learn with me!

Drawing with Photoshop

I will introduce some Photoshop tools and brushes to help you improve all your illustrations. You will walk away knowing how to create dreamlike scenes that look as though they’re melting; an effect that can only be created with Photoshop.

I'll guide you through everything I know about Photoshop, including my tips and shortcuts! Learn about setting up your workspace, useful shortcuts and commonly used tools, as well as my personal fantasy brush sets. I want to share all my secret techniques I use to create these fantasy masterpieces with you.

Drawing in the "Deforme" or "Chibi" style

To start, first let's make a sketch! "Deforme" is a sketching technique where transformations, reductions, and distortions are used to exaggerate and make your characters dreamlike. I will show you step by step how to draw soft, beautiful forms, which will make your characters look like they are straight out of an anime.

Drawing Objects

Other than characters, I will teach you to draw the objects that make up a detailed fantasy illustration. We'll slice objects into smaller sections to better analyze them and make them easier to draw. Then we'll go over how to paint objects faster to save time.

Soft and dreamy coloring

Learn my method of using soft hues to create a living and dreamy atmosphere. Just because you want to paint a soft texture doesn't mean you should ignore volume or contrast! Let's take a closer look at simple light theory and how to apply it to your illustrations through the activity of drawing your own daytime and nighttime illustrations.

We will also cover how to add other colors in the process of creating atmosphere. The goal is to make the existing colors in your illustration much more colorful and rich! Learn how to create the soft but defined textures of my illustrations.

Bring your pictures to life with light and color

A sunny day with sunshine, a night with stars, and a dark, cloudy sky. Learn how to handle light and apply it to your pictures based on the weather and the situation of your illustration. In addition to natural lights, you can create your own special light to create a dreamy atmosphere in your artwork.

Complete an illustration with your own story

At first, making a story can be difficult.

But don't worry! The thunder clouds seen on your way to work, the rain that comes down the window in spring and the cries of frogs in the forest, the night sea and fireworks that you saw when you were young, and the candle you lit during nights you couldn’t sleep. Everything in life can become the subject of a painting. Join me and practice finding inspiration from your everyday life.

It's time to turn your illustrations into your own story! Apply everything you've learned into an original illustration of your own.

Step 01 : Express Real Objects Like Anime

Add objects to your conceived world. Learn to draw the real things you see everyday in a fantasy anime style.

Step 02 : Add Light and Colors

Light and colors will give your drawings a touch of reality. Learn to infuse your illustrations with a simple and easy to understand theory of light and color

Step 03 : Design Your Own Story

Every fantasy illustration has a story behind it. Learn how to brainstorm your own material and add imagination to your drawings.

Step 04 : Drawing Charismatic Characters

First, learn about real human proportions and how to draw them. Then, learn how to add the chibi style and make your characters look more like they come from fantasy.

Step 05 : Choosing and Combining Colors

Wedgi’s fantasy illustrations all have a certain color scheme. Learn to choose a color that fits the theme and construct a color scheme based on that color.

Step 06 : Making Mesmerising Illustrations

Fantasy illustrations should draw viewers into your world. Learn about composition and how to combine objects, characters, and a background into a eye catching illustration

Step 07 : High Quality Illustrations

You may feel that sometimes your illustrations lack something. Wedgi will walk you through all the finishing touches and details you should add to make sure that every illustration comes out with the highest quality.

Step 08 : Drawing with Photoshop

Photoshop is a great tool for creating your fantasy illustrations. Learn about the various tools and how to use them to express your imagination

Welcome to Wedgi’s Digital Drawing Class

  1. Meet Wedgi: illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  2. Introducing the class: digital drawing with a tablet and Photoshop
  3. Introducing the materials: setting up your wacom tablet and photoshop

01. How Do You Use Photoshop?

  1. Setting Up Your Workspace
  2. Frequently used shortcuts
  3. How to use the brush tool
  4. How to use blending mode

02. Drawing Chibi (Anime) Characters

  1. Drawing people: proportions and the anime style
  2. Drawing people: depicting faces, hands, and feet
  3. Drawing people: drawing yourself

03. On Light and Colors: Theory

  1. The characteristics of light
  2. The three elements of color and color schemes
  3. Changing colors based on the situation

04. On Light and Colors: Application

  1. Let’s draw: a scene in bright daylight
  2. Let’s draw: a scene under the sparkling stars
  3. Setting up special sources of light
  4. Using light and colors to color luminously

BONUS: Draw Hydrangea with color

  1. Visualization and sketching
  2. Coloring the proper color
  3. Adding finishing touches

05. Drawing Various Objects

  1. How to take objects from real life and draw them with charisma
  2. Drawing flowers and plants: sketch
  3. Drawing flowers and plants: coloring
  4. Drawing objects: in application

06. Creative Illustrations That Capture the Eyes

  1. Selecting your subject matter and telling your story
  2. Arranging a layout that engages

07. Completing Your Own Dreamlike Illustration

  1. Envisioning your illustration
  2. Visualization and sketching
  3. Choosing a proper color scheme and coloring
  4. Correcting and adding finishing touches

08. Completing Your own dreamlike Illustration-2

  1. Visualization and sketching
  2. Choosing a proper color scheme and coloring
  3. Correcting and adding finishing touches

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

Create your own worlds: the possibilities are endless

Illustrator Wedji
@wedjigamja @Youtube

Fairytales and sometimes dreamy illustrations are made of flowers and girls. From everyday spaces to fantasy spaces, we aim to transfer the story of each character to the canvas of reality.

Painting is a very attractive medium by itself where you can create things that don’t exist in reality at your fingertips. I feel that I am communicating with the world by depicting the existence of fantastical things in my head, capturing my own story, and sharing the work with people. Artists are often comforted by the act of drawing.

I want to share the charm painting with my students! :)

  • People who are interested in anime and fairy tales
  • People who want to tell a story and depict worlds through art
  • People who want to draw using a variety of colorful color schemes
  • People who want to learn to use Photoshop to add finishing touches to their artwork
  • This class uses Adobe Photoshop CC/CS
  • Adobe Photoshop is a subscription-based paid software
  • To take this class, you need to have access to Adobe Photoshop
  • The class will fully cover how to use and apply the program

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

Quadpay is available for the payment! Your order will be split into 4 installments paid over 6 weeks! To find out more, please visit Quadpay.

Class Preparation

You need to have your own Adobe Photoshop & a tablet to take the class. For more information,                 please visit

Class Access

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