About us

Building a world where everyone does what they truly love

"Why is it so hard to pursue what we love?" It shouldn't have to be

People in the creative industry often find it difficult to align their passion with their work. They are frequently asked if they can really make a living by following their heart.

Here at CLASS101, we don’t think it should be so out of the ordinary to ‘live what you love by pursuing a creative career. We don't want doubt to ever stop someone from chasing life and career that they love. We want our creators to have the freedom to travel the world without worrying about where their next paycheck is coming from.

Then what about when it comes to learning something new? Do you want to find a new hobby or skill, but don’t know where to start? We know the feeling! Our professional production team works with industry-leading creators to deliver the tools our students need to master their craft of choice.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, in the case of CLASS101, it really isn't! We are the biggest online hobby platform in South Korea and the only platform that delivers class kits worldwide. Our Korean site has over 1.8M active users (as of Nov, 2020), and more joining the movement to live what they love every day. To this day, we've opened over 1000 classes with many creators making an average of $5000USD in the first month alone and top creators making up to $100,000 USD or more! As a result of our success, we’ve received $10.5 million USD in funding.

Our platform is rapidly gaining worldwide attention. So we are now replicating our model to serve our global audience. Within just a few months, our English site reached 3.7M visits and a 98.5% satisfaction rate! (as of April, 2020) We are ready to help you ‘live what you love!'


Our mission

• Help creators pursue what they love for a living and aid them every step of the way

• Help everyone discover their talent and become the next generation of creators who inspire others

• Build a tight-knit community of creators with CLASS101

Through our success, we will pave the path to a new world and help everyone become part of our mission. As more people get a glimpse of the new world and join the 101 movement, the world will become a more colorful place full of diverse creators living the way they love. We work, challenge, and experiment every day striving for that future.

Why we are the best platform for creators

Our process has been tested and perfected with over 1000+ classes to ensure the success of our creators and their students

Supplement your course with a crafty class kit

- We will source and ship the materials to your students for you

Have no experience in filming or editing?

- That's okay! We partner with professional studios to take this off your plate

We help you produce and market your course every step of the way

- Before we commit to filming anything, we’ll run ads on your campaign page to test market potential

Opportunity to scale your courses globally

- Popular English courses will have the chance to be localized for our Korean and Japanese markets which boast a 2M user.

Access to community tools to engage with your students

Process of Making a Class

1. Campaign

We work together to attract 500 potential students. We run ads for your class while you promote to your community

2. Data Analysis

Our producer will utilize data from ads and the follower surveys to help you put together the best lesson plan and pricing

3. Early Bird Sale

Once a class reaches the early bird goal, you will begin working with our director for the production!

4. Class opens

Use our community features to engage with your students and be amazed by the community of creators you’ve ignited

For aspiring creators

Carefully curated and taught by top-trending and experienced creators in their fields

98.5% student satisfaction rate

Class kit containing everything learners need to successfully complete a course

Class and daily missions with direct feedback from the creator

Opportunity to be part of the creator community to share your progress