CLASS101 is an e-learning company based in Seoul, South Korea. Class101 users, known as "classmates," are able to take lessons from top-tier professionals in areas such as design, K-POP, culinary arts, musical instruments, sports, lifestyle activities, and many more.
The essential feature of CLASS101 service is "class material preparation," in which the required materials needed for the class are carefully planned, prepared, and provided to the classmates along with quality online course videos. Over 460 courses opened in December 2019.

CLASS101 retains an extensive "hobby-related" course library of art, craft, digital drawing, and cooking. However, in order to help its classmates to gain career-related education that can be applied in their real lives, the company has recently added "Career Course" category. It includes topics such as marketing, design, launching a startup, music, and many more.

Notably, famous hip-hop genre producers, Groovyroom and Gray, have launched "music producing" courses with CLASS101. Their courses have received nation-wide attention. Furthermore, CLASS101 has initiated their first US and Japan market launch in November, 2019 and is meeting up with global classmates.

Eight students of UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology) found Pedaling, which was a student startup project and the company offered tutor matching services. However, the business didn't quite meet the expected results and decided to take a different direction; hence, CLASS101 was established in March 2018. In the following month, the company obtained multiple investments from various investment and venture capital companies such as Softbank.

CLASS101 is collaborating with 8,000+ creative and professional lecturers and the courses are maintaining an average of 98.5% overall satisfaction rate. The number of employees grew from just 8 to 100, which reflects the company's rapid growth. CLASS101 office is currently located on the 13th floor of Seoul Square building in front of Seoul Station.