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CLASS101 offers courses developed by popular content creators eager to share their practices and favorite tools they use to master their craft.

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What is the all-in-one package?

If you choose to purchase an "all-in-one package", we will send you everything needed to take the class as a kit in the mail. For example, for an illustration that uses markers, drawing pad and pens you would receive everything you need to follow along with the video content from home without having to shop for them on your own. Each instructor personally hand-picks what goes into the all-in-one package, which are usually the very same materials used by the instructor in the videos.
"Class access only", on the other hand, is for people who already own the materials themselves and would just like to access the video lectures and feedback opportunities from the instructors. Feel free to choose whichever you prefer!

How does a class work? Is it a live stream?

The video content of each class is recorded in advance and once you purchase a class, you will receive an email regarding how to access the content. From there, you can leave comments, questions, and upload your works for your fellow classmates and the instructor. The instructor will also reply to your comments, questions, and leave feedback about your work.

How do I watch a class?

There are two types of classes available on Class 101. Some of them are already filmed and can be watched right away. Other courses are currently in production and will be made available to watch right after they are completed. Please check the starting date on each course page to determine when you will be able to access the video content. A lot of times we offer discounted deals for courses currently in production so it is the best time to enroll early if you are already considered taking a course. The advantage of purchasing a class in production is that you can ensure your seat at the lowest possible price.

How do I get 1:1 feedback?

Once you start your course, you can leave comments, questions, and upload your work in the comment section of your virtual classroom. The instructor will answer your comments or questions and provide you with feedback by commenting on your work.