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Create your Own Character with Simple Shapes

Digital Illustration Class with
Illustrator Marta García Navarro

Have you ever wanted to draw Disney-inspired characters?

This class will help you design and develop you own characters with simple geometric shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles.

Did you know the worst fear for an artist is a blank canvas? I am here to help you find inspiration for your art with simple shapes so that you don't leave your canvas empty! And you will eventually end up with a great and unique character on your canvas just like Elsa from 'the Frozen.'

First, I will start by teaching you how to do simple sketching. The goal of this step is to brainstorm what kind of character you want to draw; and what shapes you will need to use for your character.



The next step is to choose colors that are suitable for your character.

The last section of the class will focus on adding colors, lights, shadows, and textures so that your character becomes more solid and alive.

I guarantee that this class will be... fun-tastic-! It doesn't matter which level you are in because this class is for EVERYONE and ANYONE.

I will be sharing my tips throughout the class on how to design a character that you have been hoping to bring live but never have, so do not hesitate. Join me!

Find Inspiration and Brainstorm Your Idea

Begin with simple sketching and get a sense of what character you want to design.

Use Geometric Shapes

Be simple. Use simple geometric shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles.

Connect Lines, Add Color and Texture

Give it a final touch. Connect the lines and shapes and see how your work turns out!

About the Instructor

Character Artist, Marta García Navarro


Hey there!

I’m Marta, an illustrator and a character designer.

I studied journalism in college and as a journalist, I worked with magazine and advertising companies where I ended up discovering my passion - Illustration. I have also been a huge fan of Disney for many years that when I discovered my passion towards illustration, drawing for Disney movies have been my dream as an illustrator. That is what led me to take Master's degrees on Digital Illustration specialized in Character Design.

Many people consider drawing characters as very complex jobs, but with my unique style of drawing that utilizes simple geometric shapes, you will now be drawing characters of your own in a simple and an easy way.

So, join me on my drawing journey!


Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

I started drawing when I was 3, right after I watched Cinderella for the first time. I wanted to draw a beautiful character just like Cinderella. Since then, I’ve always carried sheets of paper and a pencil with me so that I can draw anytime when ideas pop up! When I was a student, every class note was completely filled with my illustration drawings! You can imagine how proud my teachers were… :-)