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Level Up Your Digital Portraits: Structure, Anatomy, and Stylization

By Aisha

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Stylized Portraits Using Adobe Photoshop

Digital Drawing for Portraits with
Artist, Aisha


So many people are fascinated by portraits and there is no wonder why! A skillfully painted portrait can convey emotions and moods of a character in a way that is captivating and mesmerizing. But to create portraits that are full of life, it is important to have basic knowledge of structure and anatomy.

In this class, we will start by doing just that- studying the basics from skull structure to face features, gradually moving onto more advanced concepts such as tonal values, color, shape appeal, stylization, and more!

My goal for the course is to guide you through your art journey, providing you with practical knowledge you can implement in your art.



This class is for beginner to intermediate artists who want to gain confidence in fundamentals and level up their portrait drawing. If you love observing human faces and want to capture life and character in them this course is for you.


By the end of the class, you will learn to draw from reference and use your own imagination unlocking your full creative potential! You will also learn different approaches in digital painting and experiment with rendering techniques to achieve a desirable look.


  1. Meet your instructor: Aisha!
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Class materials

Chapter 1: Overview of Photoshop

  1. Basic drawing tools
  2. Brush types and settings
  3. Painting process in Photoshop

Chapter 2: Anatomy Basics

  1. Basics of head structure & proportions
  2. Drawing eyes
  3. Drawing noses
  4. Drawing mouths
  5. Drawing ears
  6. Drawing faces from different angles, Part 1
  7. Drawing faces from different angles, Part 2

Chapter 3: Practicing the Fundamentals

  1. Understanding Shapes & Edges
  2. How to draw volume: Light & Shadow
  3. How to do portrait studies

Chapter 4: Color

  1. Color harmony: Tips for selecting colors
  2. Warm and cool contrast and how to apply it
  3. How to paint skin
  4. How to paint hair
  5. Surrounding color and how it affects the portrait

Chapter 5: Painting Process From Start to Finish

  1. Finding reference & inspiration
  2. Sketching
  3. Base colors
  4. Adding lighting
  5. Tips on rendering and adding finishing touches

Chapter 6: Learning Different Approaches

  1. Tips on stylization
  2. Painting like a sculptor
  3. How to experiment with style

Bonus Chapter: How to Grow as an Artist

  1. Daily sketching exercises
  2. Art and social media


Congratulations on completing the course!

Meet Your Creator

I am Aisha, a full-time freelance artist. I have been passionate about art since childhood. Throughout my career, I have tried different art mediums from oil painting to 3D sculpting to animation but usually found myself drawn to one subject- the portrait art. Faces have always been a fascination of mine and at this point, I feel like I can share a lot of my experience with you. As a person who acquired most of my knowledge online, I would be happy if this course can spark your interest to study and explore your own artistic vision!
  • Both beginner & experienced Photoshop users
  • Those who want to learn advanced concepts on digital portraits drawings
  • Those who want to discover their own style of drawing
  • Those who want to design and recreate their original characters

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Earn Points to Extend the Class Access

Receive points by completing chapter missions OR by taking the class two or more times a week. And use the points to extend your class access!

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Class Preparation

You will need to get Adobe Photoshop on your drawing tablet to take this class.

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