Ink Your Day and Make it Special 

By Andrea Deng

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Ink Your Day and Make it Special

with Architect, Andrea Deng


Do you want to capture a particular place that you love with a personalized ink drawing?
Or you want to impress people with a stunning ink artwork as a birthday gift? We are here to teach you step by step how to use fountain pen to produce professional looking sketches that can capture an audience!


This course is for anyone who wants to approach to ink drawing, even if you think you don’t have any drawing skills!
Trust me, sketching is also an effective way to relax and increase your focus level.


By the end of this course you will have greater observational skills and learn how to focus on detail that is important to you. You will be able to illustrate architecture, interior objects, plants, and more importantly, you will learn how to make your ink drawing speak for itself.

Step 1: Break Down the Scenery and Compose Your Sketch

Step 2: Drawing Urban Sceneries Using Perspective

Step 3: Adding Details and Shading

Step 4: Adding Trees, People and Annotations


1. Meet your instructor: Andrea Deng!
2. Introduction to the course
3. Introduction to Ink Drawing

Chapter 1: Learning How To Use a Fountain Pen

1. Setting up your fountain pens
2. Using different nibs and inks
3. Choosing your paper

Chapter 2: Practicing Ink Sketching With Tips & Tricks

1. Learn how to use different line types
2. Improve your control when you draw lines
3. Draw shapes with fountain pen
4. Practice with shading tones
5. Create eye catching textures

Chapter 3: Learning How To Observe and Compose Your Drawing

1. Choose your scenery and the subject
2. Learn how to frame your sketch and use the correct proportion
3. Black and white balance
4. Add pagination styles to make your drawing unique

Chapter 4: Learning Architecture Perspective

1. Learn the key components of architecture perspective
2. Build the perspective on paper
3. Learn how to draw in sequence
4. Draw windows and doors in perspective
5. Add depth to your drawing

Chapter 5: Adding Shading and Details To Your Sketch

1. Make your subject stand out with solar shading
2. Background shading and atmospheric rendering
3. Add details to your urban scene
4. Learn how to use texture in context
5. Keep your drawing fresh and tidy with the right amount of detail.

Chapter 6: Drawing Trees and People, Make Your Drawing Stand Out

1. Learn how I draw people in different pose
2. Make your drawing more engaging by placing people in the right place
3. Learn how I draw trees
4. Learn how to add trees and birds to make your drawing more telling

Chapter 7. Adding Text and Make the Sketch Unique

1. Add sound to your sketch with onomatopoeias
2. Learn how I use customised fonts for drawing titles
3. Enrich your drawing with additional notes and observations.

Bonus Chapter

1. Start a sketchbook and fill it with your daily observations
2. Advice & thoughts on finding your own drawing style


1. Congratulations on completing the class

Meet Your Creator

I am Andrea Deng, currently a full-time architect based in London.
I think drawing has always been an important part of my life since my childhood.
I started with my love for Manga (Japanese comics) that allowed me to learn the basics of drawing and inking. After my degree in art, I joined the architecture school, where I further developed my composition skills and architectural sketching. As a professional architect I often need to express my ideas to the client using hand drawings, and so my drawings became more informative and visually appealing in order to catch the audience’s interest. In parallel I started to use sketchbooks to keep track of my personal works. I am really attached to them because every sketch tells something about me in a specific moment of my life, they are almost like memory box. I have received many requests for an online course, I am excited to have this opportunity now to share more about my work.
  1. Sketchbook A4 180gsm

  2. Daler Rowney - Ebony Hardback Portrait A5

  3. Lamy Safari Medium Nib

  4. Rotring Tikky Mechanical Pencil Set, B 0.7 mm

  5. Metal Foldback Clips

  6. Ink Cartridges Pack, Black & Blue

  7. RotringTikky Eraser

  • Who is interested in architecture
  • Who want to enhance skills on architectural drawing
  • Who want to be able to draw their favorite places, architectures
  • Who want to deepen their skills on ink drawing
  • Who want to develop a new creative hobby!

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Earn points to extend the class access

Receive points by completing chapter missions OR by taking the class two or more times a week. And use the points to extend your class access!

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