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Learn My Method of Creating Anime Characters from Start to Finish

By Artemus

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Design Characters in Clip Studio

Learn Digital Illustration to Make Anime with
Illustrator, Artemus

Have you ever had a great idea for a character or story, but just weren't sure where to start?
In this course, I'll walk you through my method of designing a character from the ground up, beginning with my brainstorming process.

I will demonstrate how I build character references that show the character's design and personality. Then, to bring this character to the next level, I will show how I develop finished illustrations to place the characters uniquely within their world.

Whether you want to create a character from scratch or expand further upon a character you already have, this course will teach you how to show off your creations to the world.

This course is for anyone who wants to bring a character to life from the very ground up and create aesthetically pleasing pieces using the Clip Studio.

Anyone interested in building the characters and the world around them will create appealing finished pieces to best display their originality

Participants will learn all the requirements to create a grounded character with unique personalities and a world with an original concept. By following along, you will also be able to use this character to create finished illustrations, presenting all the reasons why the character is special.

Step 1: Drawing with Clip Studio Paint

Step 2: Designing Your Own Unique Character

Step 3: Choosing Appealing Color Palettes

Step 4: Exploring Your Character's Personality, Interactions, and World

Step 5: Creating and Composing Finished Illustrations With Your Character


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Artemus
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Introduction to Clip Studio

Chapter 1: Overview of Clip Studio Paint

  1. Learn the basics of Clip Studio Paint
  2. Download brushes and materials suiting your taste
  3. How to modify and edit brush settings
  4. Facilitate your process with shortcuts and tips

Chapter 2: Brainstorming and visual library

  1. Finding clothes, faces, and hair inspiration️
  2. Putting themes and concepts together
  3. Sketching and testing out the concepts

Chapter 3: Anatomy/Proportion basics and stylization

  1. Understanding the basics of anatomy and postures
  2. Stylizing the body fitting your taste
  3. Mastering hands and feet with shortcuts
  4. Playing with hair dynamics
  5. Simplifying the body into a cute chibi form

Chapter 4: Exploring Your Character's Personality and Expression

  1. Understanding the diverse facial shapes and structures
  2. Learning to add variety to face types
  3. Finding expressions that fit your character
  4. Using sketches to expand personality

Chapter 5: Color Palette

  1. Understanding color theory
  2. How different color combinations can affect a design
  3. Finding a range of color palettes for a character
  4. Applying color palettes to a character️
  5. Coloring a character reference sheet using the chosen palette

Chapter 6: Creating a finalized illustration with your character

  1. Using your character's themes to thumbnail a composition
  2. Sketching from a thumbnail
  3. Adding base colors
  4. Lighting and shading an illustration
  5. Enhancing the atmosphere with filters

Chapter 7: Bringing Your Character to Life with Interaction Drawings

  1. Creating other characters for your own world, or with other artists
  2. Learning the postures of a group of characters
  3. Developing multiple characters dynamics through mini-comics
  4. Using humorous interactions to give life to your drawings

Chapter 8: Expanding your characters' world

  1. Designing a vehicle
  2. Drawing a unique environment
  3. Expanding on the lore of your world

Bonus Chapter: How I find my own art style.

  1. Learning and drawing from the styles of inspirational artists


1. Congratulations on Completing the Course

About the Instructor

Illustrator, Artemus


Hi there! I'm Artemus, and drawing characters has always been my passion. I liked to make my own stories and worlds ever since I was a little kid. Now, after taking classes in figure drawing, portfolio illustration, and character design, I feel more equipped to draw the original characters and the world around them.

Through my online platform, I've been able to share the characters I have created. It's always inspiring to see my SNS account growing fast, but moreover, to find that people are interested in learning about my characters and their world.

It is such a fantastic feeling to see people love and support my creations, just like they would enjoy characters from books or video games. I'm here to help you feel the same!

Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

I first started designing my original characters in elementary school and even put together my own illustrated novel that I published. It was a small project, but I had many of my friends excited to see the next episode. We all had an amazing time figuring out how to develop characters and place them within a unique world. I've held that passion ever since, and when I got more into digital drawing, the character art that I do now was just the next natural step.

  • People who want to master Clip Studio

  • People who want to create unique and original characters

  • People who want to understand anatomy and postures of characters

  • People who want to explore the personalities and expressions of characters

  • People who want to find suiting colors for their original characters

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