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Write and Produce Manga with Author, Brandon Chen

By Brandon Chen

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Write and Produce Manga with Author, Brandon Chen

With Art by Umair Ali, Jose Fernandez & Natalia Batista


Many writers have great ideas for manga, but don't know how to start creating it. I'm here to show you how to create manga from beginning to end. We'll talk about story, scripting, storyboarding, and working with artists to make your dream a reality.


This course is for anyone who wants to write manga efficiently. You'll learn what manga truly is, how to produce your own, and how to tell a powerful story.


By the end of the class, you will know how to storyboard manga and structure your stories. You will also develop the fundamentals of writing and manga production.

Step 1: How to Develop an Idea & Think Like a Writer

Step 2: Developing Characters, Stories, Theme, and Settings

Step 3: How to Write Manga Scripts and Pace Chapters

Step 4: Establishing the Best Writing Style For You


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Brandon Chen!
  2. Introduction to the Course & Manga Production!

Chapter 1: Idea Generation for Stories

  1. What Makes a Good Story Idea?
  2. Where to Get Inspiration
  3. Generating the Seed Idea of a Story
  4. How to Make Your Story Original
  5. Watering the Seed Story with Details

Chapter 2: Developing Characters, Stories, Setting & Theme

  1. The Fundamentals of Good Manga & Story-Telling
  2. Developing Characters
  3. Developing Theme
  4. Developing Story
  5. Developing Settings

Chapter 3: Writing Manga/Comic Scripts

  1. Introduction to Translating the Seed Idea & Planner to a Script
  2. Introduction to Writing General Scripts
  3. Writing the Panel Script
  4. SFX & AFX
  5. Dialogue

Chapter 4: Storyboarding and Panel Composition for Manga

  1. How to Study Story and Panel Composition
  2. Basic Translation of Script to Storyboard
  3. Panel Pacing on a Page
  4. Special Panel Techniques (Superimposing, Split Panels)
  5. Innovative Panels in Manga

Chapter 5: Chapter Structure for Manga

  1. Why is Chapter Structure Important?
  2. The First Page of a Manga
  3. The Pilot Chapter of a Manga
  4. Chapter Pacing in a Story Arc
  5. Pacing in Other Mediums Outside Manga

Chapter 6: Writing Styles

  1. Planners
  2. Wingers
  3. Hybrids

Bonus Chapter: Beyond the Beginners

  1. Interesting Power Systems for Shonen
  2. How to Think like a Writer in Everyday Life
  3. Partnering with an Artist for Manga


  Congratulations on Completing the Course

Meet Your Creator
Writer, Brandon Chen, is twenty-three years old and has published four novels (Two Amazon Best-Sellers & one #1 Amazon New Release), as well as the shonen manga, Somnia, (Comixology Best-Seller).
Somnia has nearly a perfect 5-star rating with over 230 current ratings on Comixology and has amassed a large following on social media. Icarus Rising and Dodge were both entered into Shonen Jump’s 2020 Tezuka Contest with Icarus Rising receiving over 2 million “reads” in a month and being most-read in the international contest.
All of Brandon’s projects are inspired by many works, most of which are shonen or seinen manga. He inspires many by sharing the developmental processes of his manga and other projects, as well as tips for young writers, on social media, where he has over 600,000 followers across various platforms. Brandon is eager to share his stories and inspire his readers with his moving characters and fantastical worlds. He is located in New York City and graduated from New York University.

1 A Pencil
2. A Sketchbook
3. Optional: An iPad (with an Apple Pencil)
  • Who want to expand their skills on writing manga scripts
  • Who want to learn techniques for storyboarding & panel composition
  • Writers & Hobbyist who love to write
  • Who plans to become a Writer
  • Who want to discover a creative hobby!

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