Fill Your Sketchbook with Lovable Illustrations Alongside Ella

By Ella Doodles

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Fill Your Sketchbook with Lovable Illustrations Alongside Ella

with Artist, Ella Doodles


Make your sketchbook a cozy home as I show you how to tackle the whimsical ideas and thoughts in your head, kicking off with the basics. With my anatomy and perspective hacks, you'll seamlessly integrate references into your drawings. You'll learn how to let your personality run loose by adding commentary and color, all adding up to complete sketchbook spreads that will delight and amuse you.


Whether it's for practice or leisure, this class is for those who want to become comfortable using their sketchbooks. You'll be able to master observational or picture references and translate original concepts into your page, maintaining a presence within your drawings.


Throughout this course, you'll learn how to amplify the eccentricity of your sketchbook spreads. While you'll learn the fundamentals of humble concepts such as anatomy and composition, you'll manipulate these skills to your taste and bring a quaint charm to your doodles. Your sketchbooks will treasure all the aspects of your beautiful personalities as artists and persons at the end of it all.

Step 1: Anatomy Basics

Step 2: Being Bold with Ink and Color

Step 3: Beginning to Develop your Style

Step 4: Creating Your Sketchbook Spreads

Important Notice: This is an early bird class! That means the production of this class is just starting. The curriculum is subject to change, and content may be uploaded sequentially based on the creator’s schedule to ensure that we provide the class in the best quality possible.


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Ella
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Introduction to the Materials + Welcome Page

Chapter 1: Sketching Humans

  1. Blind Contour Drawings + Shapes and Blobs
  2. Anatomy of the Head: Face and Hair
  3. Anatomy of the Hand
  4. Full Body Anatomy

Chapter 2: Sketching Animals

  1. Cats, Dogs and Cows
  2. Frogs and Birds
  3. Other Animal Favorites

Chapter 3: Easy Integration of Colors and Values

  1. Color and Value Basics
  2. Choosing a Palette
  3. Laying down Color
  4. Rendering with Colored Pencil

Chapter 4: Ink!

  1. Building Confidence with Ink

  2. Shading with Ink

  3. The Magic of the White Gel Pen

  4. Marrying Ink and Color

Chapter 5: Stylization!

  1. Getting to Know Yourself

  2. Inspiration from Other Artists

  3. Respectfully Incorporating What You Love

  4. Simplifying Subjects in Your Style

Chapter 6: Transforming References

  1. Choosing the Right References for You

  2. Adding Your Own Touch

  3. Capturing the Likeness of Your Reference

Chapter 7: Combining Everything We've Learned

  1. What am I going to Draw? A Haunting Question

  2. Developing your Creative Intuition

  3. Satisfying Composition

  4. Filling in the Blanks with Commentary

Bonus Chapter: Grow your Instagram Account: Tips!

  1. Becoming a part of the Art Community

  2. Taking and Posting your Photos


  Congratulations on Completing the Course

Meet Your Creator
Hi there!
My name's Ella, and I am a college student and aspiring full-time artist from the United States. I run an active Instagram account where I love to share my sketchbook spreads and interact with other artists. I've always loved drawing, and as I continue to grow, I've learned how to reap the most benefit from my sketchbooks by turning them into an emblem of both practice and my personality. Experience in academic art courses, as well as years of practice, have helped me build my passionate relationship with art, and nothing makes me happier than helping others realize how accessible art can be. All it takes is a sketchbook and a pencil. While starting a sketchbook may seem intimidating, there is so much possibility hidden within the blank pages, and it will all work towards your creative growth. Everyone knows that practice provides an improvement, but I hope to share the fun found within that consistency. I'm so thankful to be able to share my process with you finally.

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  1. Canson Sketchbook A4
  2. Sharpie Liquid Retractable Highlighters
  3. Faber Castell Colored Pencil Classic Hexagonal Round Tin of 24
  4. Pentel EnerGel RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pen 0.5mm
  5. Uniball Signo White Gel Pen
  6. Pentel Mechanical Pencil + Lead 0.5mm
  7. Tombow Mono Eraser

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Earn points to Extend the Class Access

Receive points by completing chapter missions OR by taking the class two or more times a week. And use the points to extend your class access!

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