How to Make a Face Mask at Home: DIY Face Mask

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It’s so hard to get supplies these days. The coronavirus has everyone in a panic. Masks are near impossible to even see. But there is another way!

KF94 masks are more effective than surgical masks!

The surgical masks you can buy in stores are ineffective against the fine particles of viruses like the coronavirus. The kf-94 masks you will make in this DIY kit filter out 94% of fine particles! Protect your immune system.

Did you know? The epidemic in Korea has died down thanks to these masks!

As you probably know, the coronavirus hit Korea hard. However, with the help of these masks, the country was able to control the outbreak. Although Korea used to have the largest outbreak of coronavirus outside of China, the country maintained the lowest death rate, and showed the most dramatic shrinking of new confirmed recipients.


Keep germs at bay with a handmade mask

🎁 Includes a manual with example photos for beginners.

🎁 4 types of real patterns included.


Keep your family safe

Provides enough fabric to make 7-8 masks

📍 Even without a sewing machine, you can make it by hand sewing.

Serving Size: 7-8 Adult Masks


  1. Outer fabric (width 145 ~ 150cm x height 20cm) Check 2, Flower Berry 2 Total of 4 random configurations
  2. Lining paper (60 strand cotton, natural color) 145cm wide * 80cm wide
  3. Soft flexible mask (random shipment to white, light beige, beige) 6
  4. 1 clothespin
  5. Physical design sheets (XS, S (children), M, L (adults))
  6. Non-woven pattern paper 1/3 hemp
  7. Detailed production manual with course shots, offered in English & Korean

A mask made with your own hands for your child!

⭐️Fabric Mask Advantages ⭐️

Wash it and use it several times!

Unlike synthetic chemical non-woven fabrics, Hanji Filters have antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

DIY mask made with certified Korean paper filter

✨ The Hanji filter included in the mask kit is supplied by The Hands. This is the same Hanji filter used for masks on the market that have been certified by KF94 from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea. We are pleased to inform you that only Hanji filters that follow certified procedures will be supplied.

  • 'Replaceable filter face mask' with strong filtering effect
  • Certified Korean KF94 filter paper
  • 'Cotton' mask to minimize skin problems

Create a mask that can be made by hand sewing! 👍

❤️Go to see how to make a filter mask >> This will be subtitled in English soon.

❗️Please understand that sales are limited in quantity due to filter supply and demand issues.

❗️Fabrics are shipped randomly.

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