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Indoor and Outdoor Illustrations with an iPad: Digital Drawing with Procreate

By Lis

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Build on your digital drawing skills with anatomy sketching, shadows and lighting

Practice drawing objects and characters for indoor environments

Illustrate outdoor backgrounds, telling an entire story with a single image

I am a self-taught illustrator who developed my own style by drawing every single day. Now I want to share everything I've learned from working on my iPad in Procreate with you by revealing my personal process, tips and the effects that I use to make illustrations through fun activities we will complete together.

This course is for beginners or people who may have started drawing with Procreate but want to have a better understanding, grasp new concepts and take their drawings to the next level. By the end of this course you will be fully equipped to create beautiful illustrations all on your own.

You will learn how to use reference pictures and where to start looking for inspiration, how to draw a background, work with layers, use blend modes, and how to apply shadows to make a character more interesting by playing with darkness and light.

I will also show you how to tell a story with your illustrations. It is beautiful to create a character, but more fascinating to surround it with an environment, an expression, a mood and a captivating narrative.

Step 1: Learn how I use Procreate

First you will become accustomed to using the main tool we will use in the class, which is the iPad app, Procreate. I will walk you through the different functions and overall process I use to make my art. These are fundamental skills that you will be able to take and apply to all of your future work, no mattter what subject you plan to illustrate.

Step 2: Practice techniques with activities

I will show you how to sketch figures using the right proportions and give you specific tips on drawing facial features, hair and hands in order to start out making an illustration. We will start with some simpler objects and progressively advance to more detailed works.

Step 3: Work with lighting and shadows

Next we will move onto a detailed look at how I use color, light, and shadows to bring an illustration to life when the subject is indoors. We will go over the different types of lighting there are and the right way to portray it in your art so that you can create a warm, cozy environment for your characters.

Step 4: Draw backgrounds for the outdoors

By drawing an objects, building or background together I will show you how to add a story around the character you draw to give it a setting. This section will go over the techniques I use to place characters in real-world settings like in front of buildings or in nature.

Step 5: Tell a story with a single image

We will do an illustration together from start to finish, building on everything that we learned so far to tell a visual story with a single image and add the finishing touches.

Welcome to the class!

1. Meet Your Instructor Lis. Introduction to the course.
2. A quick walk through Procreate

Chapter 1: Digital Drawing with Procreate

1. Functions of Procreate
2. How do layers work?
3. My process to use masks
4. Let’s talk about sourcing your inspiration
5. How to use references

Chapter 2: Sketching & Drawing Anatomy

1. Basic structure and proportions : Drawing kids, drawing adults
2. Facial features: happy, serious, sleepy, scared expressions
3. Draw hair with me: hair styles
4. Drawing hands

Chapter 3: Line Art and Color

1. Line art
2. Coloring your drawing: hue, saturation, brightness, opacity
3. Creating your custom color palettes

Chapter 4: Drawing for Indoors

1. Shadow and effects for indoors – blending modes I use
2. How to apply shadows
3. Drawing objects - Sketch
4. Drawing objects – Coloring ( part 1)
5. Drawing objects – Coloring ( part 2 )
6. Lighting for indoors – candles, lighting a lamp, fireplaces

Chapter 5: Drawing for Outdoors

1. Drawing objects – wild flowers
2. Drawing objects – picnic
3. Lighting for outdoors – night vs day vs sunset
4. Drawing a background: store or building. Using drawing assist
5. Drawing persons: lighting directions on a person

Chapter 6: Special Effects

1. The effect I use the most
2. How and when apply them

Chapter 7: Final Drawing

1. Sketching & Line art: characters and background
2. Coloring
3. Shadows: characters
4. Shadows: background
5. Drawing details
6. Adding light


1. The basic understanding of creases and folds
2. Drawing clothes in different occasions
3. Procreate shortcuts, create a workflow

Illustrator and creator of The Flying Papaya, Lis


I’m Lis, a Spanish artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. Since I was a child I loved to draw. While growing up I always thought I had to study in art school first to be able to draw digitally.

My art inspiration comes from my different roots: because I’m Asian but grew up overseas, I get inspiration from these two very different worlds. I also worked in the fashion industry so I’m very fashion-driven and at my core a hunter of beauty.

Nowadays, we have more easily available tools like the iPad pro. When it came out and I saw that it was possible to digitally create anything just by sitting on my couch or in my favorite café, I immediately invested in one. Since then I practiced everyday and absorbed everything I could regarding Procreate.

In this course I will summarize everything I’ve learnt to tell a story through illustrations, focusing on the skills you need most, in a way that you will have a complete and easy guide of my current process. And because I was self taught, I can understand your doubts the same way: I had them once too.

This course will teach you how to use different tools in the Procreate app.
I will help you adjust your app settings to optimize your drawing experience.

*Please Note: Students will have to purchase Procreate application ($10 in App Store).


  • Anyone who wants to get better at digital drawing with an iPad
  • People who like my style and want to build on it to develop their own aesthetic
  • Other artists who want to learn the entire process and tips I use to make my art
  • Storytellers who want to add a fun visual element to the narratives they make
  • If you have been looking for a way to learn how to apply light, shadow and textures in Procreate, then this class is definitely for you.

Duration of the Course

You will have unlimited access to the class content for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can play the videos on as many devices as you want.

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Class Preparation (iPad)

You will need an Apple Pencil and an iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro to take this class as well as the Procreate app.

Class access

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