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Your Daily Life in Illustrations: Create Memory-Filled Drawings Using a Tablet

By GrimB

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These are my classmates from last year. They gave me this idea!! They asked me to draw them all, but if I had this method, I would have drawn it for them before, but it's too bad! They are so pretty, so I drew them with a happy heart! I didn't put shadows in because I was too tired.

-by Haneul Kim

I found out when I was fixing it, and I was habitually drawing crooked lines. Thanks to you, I think I will be able to take more care of my next drawing. Thank you.

-by Jongho Kim

I took a picture of the sky, drew me and my boyfriend on the sky, and gave him a present! It's not a realistic painting, it's a character painting, but it was easy for me to draw

-by Prin

Create illustrations that warm your heart

I want to draw a blanket-like picture that can warmly cover my viewers. So when they need something warm, they can grab it and cover themselves in the warmth.

In the past, I only thought about drawing “well”. The composition of the background needed to be perfect, and I studied anatomy because I wanted my characters to look as realistic as possible. I could paint well, but I think I couldn't draw good illustrations.

I thought a lot about how to make my art stand out among the millions of works of art already circulating through the world. After worrying for a long time, I put down the things I had been studying and started looking for more important things with a child-like mind. That’s how I developed my own characteristics and strength.

To tell you some tricks..

First is simple but powerful colors.

You can express the story you want to tell in a rich way without using all the brilliant colors that exist in reality. I will teach you how to create depth with a few, simple colors.

Second is the story.

There are so many stories in the world and you may be wondering which one to draw. I focus on the story of people’s daily life. It's the charm of everyday life that shines simply without great adventures or fancy formulas.

The last is speech bubbles.

Speech bubbles in illustrations are just as important as the drawings themselves. They express the emotions and situations of the person in short sentences. It captures memories in a different way from the diary I used to write when I was a kid.

You can keep your own stories and everyday life as pictures. You can remember those moments for longer, in a more precious and sweeter way.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Create your own character and easily draw the human body

Vintage food illustrations emphasized the texture and appearance of food by exaggerating the crunchiness of bread or the glistening of ice cubes. You will learn to capture the same feeling in your own drawings by the end of this course.

Draw a background around and fill it with color.

From the small items around you to drawing your neighborhood landscape, learn how to think and express complex objects simply. In addition, I will show you a coloring method that allows you to express deeply with only a few simple colors, without having to use a bunch of complex colors.

Tips so you can record your daily life by yourself!

I have included all of my personal tips and tricks so that you can continue to record your daily life even after class is finished. From tracing techniques, getting richer colors, how to use layers to express light, to how to manage files! These tips will not only help you create easily, but also increase the quality of your illustrations.

Capture your happy moments.

Digital drawing with Grim B.

Step 01 : Creating Your Own Character

The world you create would be empty without a character of your own. Learn how to easily create a character using simple points and lines.

Step 02 : Drawing Your Character

Next you need to bring your character to life. I’ll show you how to give your character facial expressions, easily draw hands and feet, and draw clothes on your character.

Step 03 : Coloring the Background

A background will make your illustration feel more complete, and you don’t need to make it super complicated! I’ll teach you how you can enrichen your illustration using only a few colors.

Step 04 : Capturing Your Everyday Life

This class focuses on finding inspiration from your everyday life. Draw out the people around you, the objects you see, and complete illustrations that reflect the happiness you feel in life.

Step 05 : Finding Your Style

I will give you the guidelines you need to create on your own. I’ll walk you through different techniques of expressing the world around you, from using textures and layers, to adding depth. Take the skills you’ve learned and find your own style.

Welcome to Grim B’s Digital Drawing Class

  1. Meet Grim B: Illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  2. Introducing the class: Drawing out your life on a tablet
  3. An introduction to the tablet and Photoshop
  4. How to download the files needed for class

01. The Basics of Photoshop

  1. Creating a doodle page on Photoshop
  2. Finding and exploring a brush you like
  3. How to use layers

02. Creating Your Character’s Face

  1. How to simplify faces for drawing
  2. Adding facial expressions to your character
  3. Drawing the people around you

03. Drawing Your Character

  1. On the shapes and structure of the body
  2. How to easily draw hands and feet
  3. Giving your character clothes

04. Adding a Background

  1. Tips and tricks for easily drawing backgrounds
  2. Think simply - How to draw natural landscapes
  3. The theories of composition and vanishing point

05. Drawing Your Daily Life

  1. Using photos to create illustrations
  2. Let’s draw out one of your happy memories
  3. Creating a story through your illustrations

06. Coloring is the Easiest

  1. How to give your illustration a rich feel using only a few colors
  2. Creating a watercolor texture by controlling the transparency of the brushes
  3. How to fix coloring that looks too simple

07. Increasing Quality

  1. How to use light and shadow
  2. How to use layers like a pro
  3. Combining everything you’ve learned into an illustration

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In closing: Class is finished, but your journey isn’t!

Artist Grim B



Hello, I’m Sungtae Bae (Grim B), an illustrator and your instructor.

I live with my wife and three cats. I write stories and write books based on the life that we live. In the theme of happiness and love, I am creating various works starting my wife and I, and our cats.

One day on our honeymoon, I suddenly decided that I wanted to hold onto our precious daily life, so I started drawing it. Unlike special stories that are easily remembered, everyday life seems to pass us by and disappear if you don't try and remember it.

I like it when you look at a drawing and you can reimagine those moments like a video playing in your mind. You can think of it as leaving a drawing for moments that you can’t capture in a photo.

I want to draw a blanket-like picture that can warmly cover the reader. When you need something warm, you can grab it and cover yourself with it.

  • People who want to record their everyday life as a picture
  • People who want to keep the moments of a special trip in illustrations
  • People who want to learn the basics of digital drawing on a tablet
  • People who want to learn a new, enriching hobby
  • This class uses Adobe Photoshop CC/CS
  • Adobe Photoshop is a subscription-based paid software
  • To take this class, you need to have access to Adobe Photoshop
  • The class will fully cover how to use and apply the program

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

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Class Preparation

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Q.Can a beginner easily follow?

A. Of course! This class is not an in-depth process for those who are already good at drawing, but it was created to open the way for those who are new to painting to enjoy their future as artists. When you first learn the features of Photoshop, there are a lot of things that you need to learn, and it can be difficult, but in the part where you paint on your own, you will learn how to think easily of drawing and I will help you draw complicated things, so it will not be difficult! Since it is difficult for those who are not familiar with painting from the beginning to draw the same as me, I made it a goal to find my own painting style in easy forms.

Q. Can I take lectures on an iPad or a tools other than Photoshop and a tablet?

A. Yes and no. Because I use a lot of Photoshop tools, functions, and shortcuts, if the devices are different, you may not be able to use the method I teach. But the important thing is learning how to draw a picture! This class explains how to draw a picture easily, so even if the tools you use are not Photoshop and a tablet, you can take a lecture even if it feels a little uncomfortable. However, it is probably best to take the class using same tool I use: D

Q. Can I continue to paint on my own after class?

A. I would like to tell you how to draw in your own style easily, rather than making it look the way I draw from the beginning. So the most important thing is to continue to practice alone after the lecture. While listening to the class, if you think about and draw various ways with me, it may be a short time, but your daily life will become richer in the future!

I hope you will enjoy sharing your progress even after class is over :)

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