Behind the Scenes: Create a Dress like a Fashion Designer

By Michelle Hébert

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Behind the Scenes: Create a Dress like a Fashion Designer

with Designer, Michelle Hébert


This class will teach students the basics of sewing, draping, pattern making, along with a few of my favorite couture techniques. With or without a sewing machine, students will be able to follow this course to begin learning how to create their own designs.
If a student has ever wanted to bring a fashion idea to life, I will give them insight into the designer mindset and teach them the clothing construction techniques to make it possible.


This class is for fashion students, fashion lovers, creatives, eco-friendly consumers and professionals who need a refresher.

People who are interested in making and designing their own clothes for fun, to lessen their carbon footprint, or for their future career are all welcome. This may also be beneficial to current students who need something and someone to help them along with their fashion program coursework.


By the end of this class, students should be able to manipulate basic patterns to create a simple dress, and they should understand the principles of design and clothing construction.

Step 1: Conceptualizing Your Design

Step 2: Making the Pattern

Step 3: How to Construct a Dress

Step 4: Adding Your Own Style


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Michelle Hébert!
  2. Introduction to the Course
  3. Dress Design & The Tools You’ll Be Using

Chapter 1: Getting Started

  1. The Anatomy of a Dress
  2. The Human Form & Measuring
  3. How Design and Construction Go Hand in Hand

Chapter 2: Designing the Concept

  1. Finding Inspiration
  2. Creating a Mood Board
  3. Using Croquis
  4. Basic Illustration Techniques
  5. Prepping and Planning for the Next Steps

Chapter 3: Drafting the Pattern

  1. Intro to Pattern Making & Draping
  2. Translating Your Design into a Pattern
  3. Slopers & Blocks
  4. Using a Dress Form
  5. Manipulating Darts
  6. Designing the Torso/Bodice
  7. Designing the Skirt
  8. Designing the Sleeves
  9. Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Designs
  10. Don’t Forget: Notches & Seam Allowance
  11. Altering Store Bought Patterns

Chapter 4: Sourcing the Right Fabric

  1. Which to Buy and Why
  2. Natural vs. Synthetic Fibers
  3. Recommended Fabrics for Dressmaking
  4. Where to Source Fabric
  5. Cutting Your Pattern Out of Fabric

Chapter 5: Getting the Fit Just Right

  1. Sewing a Mock-up
  2. Common Fitting Issues: Torso & Sleeves
  3. Common Fitting Issues: Skirts
  4. Marking Adjustments
  5. Perfecting Your Pattern

Chapter 6: Sewing

  1. Construction Steps
  2. Basic Hand Stitches vs. Machine Stitches
  3. The Sewing Techniques You’ll Need Most
  4. Adding Support: Boning & Padding
  5. Closures
  6. Finishing the Edges: Raw Seams, Hemming & Facings

Chapter 7: The Finishing Touches

  1. Buttons, Beads, Crystals
  2. From Designer to Artist: Creative Applique
  3. Experiment: Techniques to Explore

Bonus Chapter

  1. My 3 Key Principles
  2. Finding Your Voice


Congratulations on Completing the Course

  1. Sketch Pad 70g
  2. Monami Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm
  3. Pilot Frixion Colors (Iron Pens)
  4. Sewing Pins
  5. Pin Cushion
  6. Grid Pattern Paper
  7. Fabric Scissors
  8. Paper Scissors
  9. Pattern Notcher
  10. Thread Cutter Snips
  11. Awl Tool
  12. Seam Ripper
  13. Assorted Hand Needles
  14. All-Purpose Thread / Black, White
  15. Tailors Chalk Triangle
  16. Scotch Magic Tape
  17. Vary Form Curve Ruler (Hip Curve)
  18. Comma-Shaped Curve Ruler (French Curve)
  19. Measuring Tape
  20. 5 Yards Muslin Fabric
  21. L-Curve Ruler
  22. Transparent Grid Ruler

Meet Your Instructor

Hi there!

My name is Michelle Hébert.

I am from a working-class family who went from having no Hollywood connections to working with elite stylists, photographers, and celebrities during the 8 years I've been an independent fashion designer.

My work has been worn by celebrities Alicia Keys, Arden Cho, SZA, Brenda Song, Quinta Brunson, Vanessa Hudgens, Lili Reinhart, and Niki from 88 Rising.

Ever since I was 10 years old, I've dedicated my life to pursuing art and fashion design. At 14, I entered a contest and was featured in the national magazine Seventeen, and I've received a TALA award for my textile manipulation. I live and breathe fashion and art, and I can't wait to show my students how I do what I do.

  • Anyone who would like to start making their own clothes
  • A Fashion Student planning to become a Designer
  • Artist & Hobbyist who love to learn new skills
  • Anyone who would like to design and create their own dresses
  • Someone who wants to be less reliant on fast fashion sourcing their own material, and knowing what goes into making their clothes

Duration of the course

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Earn points to extend the class access

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