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Starting Your Creative Business: Turn Ideas and Passions into Cute Merchandise

By Munespice

33 lessons
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5h 44m
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We all have strengths, skills, passions, and interests that could be used to create our own businesses, so let's get started! Students will first reflect on their strengths, passions, and interests to shape their brand and art. Then, students will learn Procreate techniques for cute drawings and products designs. This course will also discuss best practices for starting an online shop and tips for growing brands on social media. As students create, I hope that we can build a community of individuals working toward the same goals and that we can support each other through the process! Let's have fun learning and growing!

Grow Your Business Presence!


This class is for anyone interested in starting their own creative business, particularly individuals interested in becoming self-employed illustrators. We welcome all students of all skill levels! No prior experience is needed with digital drawing. Let's have fun learning together and supporting each other along the way!


Students will:
1. Reflect on their interests, passions, and values to create an online shop,
2. Learn how to use Procreate to create cute artworks that can be used for social media and product designs,
3. Gain knowledge and skills to build their brands on social media and within their shops
Throughout this process, I will share the tips and tricks I have learned on my own path to becoming a self-employed illustrator, such as the tools I use in Procreate, how I created my color palette, and my best practices for starting an online shop. All along the way, we will be kind to ourselves and enjoy the journey of creating!

Step 1: Starting Your Business with a Healthy Mindset

Step 2: Creating Your Shop and Online Presence

Step 3: Using Digital Programs to Design Products for Your Shop

Step 4: Finding, Contacting, and Working with Manufacturers


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Nicole

  2. Introduction to the Course

Chapter 1: Overview of Course Tools (Procreate/Digital Programs)

  1. File Types & Canvas Sizes
  2. Nicole's Favorite Brushes & Tools

  3. Using Layers & Layer Effects

  4. Bonus: Procreate Shortcuts

Chapter 2: Turning Interests and Passions into a Business Idea

  1. Brainstorming: What Are Your Passions and What Do You Hope for Your Business?

  2. Reflection: What Are Your Strengths and How Can You Use Them for Your Business?

  3. Setting Yourself Up for Success by Starting with a Healthy Mindset

Chapter 3: Celebrating Brand Through Art Style

  1. Art Style: Finding the Way of Creating that Makes You Happiest

  2. Tips for Developing Your Color Palette(s)

  3. Nicole's Process for Creating Cute Characters Part I: Sketching & Lineart

  4. Nicole's Process for Creating Cute Characters Part II: Coloring

Chapter 4: Building Your Brand on Social Media

  1. Interacting Genuinely with an Online Community

  2. Maintaining Consistency

  3. Joining Online Community Events

  4. Bonus: Nicole's Tips and Tricks for Growth on Instagram and Twitter

Chapter 5: Starting and Running an Online Shop

  1. Selecting a Platform

  2. Key Start-Up Tips

  3. Pricing Your Art and Products

Chapter 6: Designing Products for Your Shop

  1. Die-Cut Stickers & Charms

  2. Creating Sticker Sheets in Procreate and Adobe Photoshop

  3. Washi Tapes & Notepads

  4. Enamel Pins

  5. Concept Sheets for Plushies and Other 3D Items

  6. Bonus: Tips for Overcoming Art Block When Designing Products

Chapter 7: Finding, Contacting, and Working with Manufacturers

  1. Where to Find Manufacturers

  2. Contacting Manufacturers

  3. Requesting Samples

  4. Bonus: Nicole's List of Manufacturers

Bonus Chapter: Tips and Tricks for Shipping Merchandise

  1. Best Practices for Shipping Merchandise

  2. Using Your Packaging to Display Your Brand


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Meet Your Creator
Hi, my name is Nicole (I go by @Munespice online!), and I am a self-employed illustrator located in California, USA.
I love drawing cute characters and using fun colors! I have been passionate about art for as long as I can remember, but it was not until much more recently that I believed in myself enough to start my own business. Prior to Munespice, I received my Master of Science in Art Therapy and gained 8 years of experience working with kids, adults, and elders in art-related environments, including a year spent teaching art to youth, virtually.
Due to my experiences of seeing people anywhere between the ages of 1 and 106 complete amazing works, I have come to strongly believe that anyone can create. We are all in different places on our journeys with art, so no matter where you are now, I know you can do it! Thanks for being here! - Nicole

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

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Class Preparation

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Class videos will be available by October 6th. We will notify you via email regarding how to access to the class videos on the release date.

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