Digital Drawing

Character Design: Narrative Illustration from Concept to Final

By Noobovich

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The Intermediate Level Course

Learn Digital Drawing for Character Designs with
Artist, Noobovich

Take your character designs to the next level by taking them off the white page, and building a
deeper narrative for them through their environment, outfit, weapons, and overall design.

In this course I will go over my method of coming up with a narrative driven character concept; taking a slice of the story to help you present your characters in a fully detailed illustration.

The class will cover:

  • The planning and research phase. Collecting references, and starting concept sketches.
  • Character study and combining references for later details.
  • Sketching out the scene, and an overview of the photo texture I plan to use later on.
  • Inking the scene, and doing the flat color.
  • Building on top of the flat layers to create a quick color test, intro to photobashing, and
    adding textures to the image.
  • Planning the scene, and the first phase of rendering.
  • Organizing your folders, and using your photo textures to add details to your rendering.
  • Start with the main character and move to the background using the above method of
    photobashing and painting.
  • Final touches, and color adjustments to finalize the piece.
This course is for artists who are looking to make their work more interesting, and up their
level of conceptualization. As well as an introduction to new tools; students will learn how to
organize files, photobash, where to look for references and textures, and finally how to make it all fit
in a single artwork.
By the end of the course the student will know how to design a character with an interesting
backstory by world building, and creating solid concept foundations that will lead to a captivating
illustration . The class will reveal the many tools illustrators use to build their scenes, from
photobashing and adding textures, to creating your own objects and textures.

Step 1: How to approach complex illustrations and concepts

Step 2: Expanding your library of resources

Step 3: Tips and trick to help get the job done

Step 4: Photobashing: from start to finish

Step 5: Composing different ideas in a powerful illustration


  1. Meet your instructor: Noobovich!
  2. Introduction to the course

Chapter 1: Planning and research phase: collecting references and starting concept sketches

  1. Writing an idea brief
  2. References resources and sites
  3. Character Chart
  4. Photoshop document setup - Brushes I use to sketch ideas
  5. Sketching Ideas 01
  6. Sketching Ideas 02
  7. Sketching Ideas 03
  8. Sketching Ideas 04
  9. Homework

Chapter 2: Character concept

  1. Character Concept 01
  2. Character Concept 02
  3. Character Concept 03
  4. Character Concept 04
  5. Intro to Artbreeder
  6. Applying Artbreeder
  7. Character Concept 05
  8. Flat Coloring
  9. Enemies Design
  10. Fairy Design
  11. Finalizing the design
  12. Homework

Chapter 3: Sketching out the scene

  1. Intro: References and objectives
  2. Compositional sketching 01
  3. Compositional sketching 02
  4. Compositional sketching 03
  5. Compositional sketching 04
  6. Composition Scale Tool
  7. Value Study
  8. Homework

Chapter 4: Intro to Daz3D, posing the character, setting up lights & rendering

  1. Introduction to Daz3D
  2. Camera and Light
  3. Posing the character
  4. Homework

Chapter 5: Inking and cleaning the drawing

  1. Inking the Main Character
  2. Inking the Fairy and the BG
  3. Flat Colors
  4. Homework

Chapter 6: Photobashing

  1. Under-paint
  2. Intro to Photobashing 01
  3. Intro to Photobashing 02
  4. Planning your Illustration
  5. Photobashing the Foreground
  6. Photobashing the Background 01
  7. Photobashing the Background 02

Chapter 7: Digital Painting 01 [Main Character]

  1. Introduction to Rendering
  2. Head Rendering
  3. Armor Rendering 01
  4. Armor Rendering 02
  5. Hammer
  6. Waist
  7. Thoughts and Homework

Chapter 8: Digital Painting 02 [Other Elements]

  1. Fairy Rendering
  2. Undead Army References
  3. Undead Rendering 01
  4. Undead Rendering 02
  5. Flying Skulls 01
  6. Flying Skulls 02
  7. Light Beams rendering

Chapter 9: Final touches

  1. Planning
  2. Final Touches
  3. Effects
  4. Homework


1. Congratulations on Completing the Course

About the Instructor



My name is Ibrahem Swaid, also known as NOOBOVICH. I am a working digital illustrator and concept artist with 10 years of experience. Along with personal projects, and ventures in teaching I have notable clients that include Capcom, Tencent, IDW, Boom Studios, Dire Wolf and Abrakam.

My artwork “Skating Giants” ranked 6th top digital illustration worldwide on Artstation for the year 2018. Although teaching is not my profession but I run a live critique on my twitch channel which gives me the chance to interact with aspiring artists and beginners and help them push to the next level. I also have 2 narrated tutorials on my portfolio that got a lot of praise where I go over my character rendering process step by step.

Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

I have been drawing since I was a little kid, but I always felt my plan was to be an architect like my dad. The idea of doing concept art, working on a comic, or a game was beyond my scope at that time. I graduated from the Fine Arts College in 2009, and have been freelancing since. I did graphic design for a while, but kept pushing myself to take on more illustration jobs which I enjoyed more than doing concept art. Most of my knowledge I acquired from online tutorials and classes, and I have been on the hunt for more knowledge since my first day of art school. From human anatomy to 3D; I have learned many skills through online platforms, and have been lucky enough to find some
interesting projects that put my skills to the test along the way.
  • This class uses Adobe Photoshop CC/CS
  • Adobe Photoshop is a subscription-based paid software
  • To take this class, you need to have access to Adobe Photoshop
  • People who want to create original concept art
  • People who want to build their original character from scratch
  • People who want to learn 3D art
  • People who want to understand and apply photo bashing
  • People who want to give completed background behind their character

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

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Class Preparation

You need to have your own Adobe Photoshop to take the class.

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