Soulful & Savory: Craft Harmonious Vegan Meals at Home

By Papaya Petite





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Soulful & Savory: Craft Harmonious Vegan Meals at Home

with Artist, Papaya Petite


Delicious. Harmonious. Impeccable flavor.
This class is about changing your philosophy on how food can be made: that it can be healing and harmonious. I come from a family that has been making vegan Asian food for over 30 years and I want to bring this compassionate approach to you, in your very own home.

Food plays a fundamental role in sustaining our bodies and minds and I believe that when we create each meal with just a little intention, it manifests into our lives in wondrous ways.

You’ll not only learn about how to make authentic vegan Asian food but also how to enjoy creating each meal with reverence. You’ll walk away from this course connecting to food on a deeper level and a paradigm shift in the possibility of plants. Create harmony and bursts of flavor in each bite.

This course also covers popular Southeast Asian dishes such as Pho, Laab, and Pad Thai.


This course is the intersection of my personal food philosophy and vegan Asian food.
And in that intersection, you’ll find how to make healing food that is both plant-based and incredibly flavorful. This course is for anyone who is interested in either or both.
Whether you are a beginner or expert to cooking & the healing journey with food, there is something for everyone to take out of this course. You are welcomed as you are.



By the end of this course you’ll walk away with:
  1. How to build a healing approach into crafting food at home
  2. How to make vegan Asian meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  3. The foundations of SouthEast Asian seasoning
  4. How to pull flavors from plants and use them as meat substitutes
  5. How to make popular Southeast Asian dishes such as: Pho, Laab, and Pad Thai

1. Food Philosophy : Forget everything you know about food and reconnect

2. Creating in your heart center produces powerful food

3. Transform Plants to "Chicken"

4. How to Veganize Any Dish You Love

Meet Your Creator
 Welcome ✨
My name is Sousada and for over 30 years my family has been making vegan Asian food specializing in Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese food.
Before the pandemic, I always hosted dinners for families and friends. To them, it was a special occasion to be nourished by food made with healing intention and to be in good company.

Last year, I decided to bring my compassionate approach to cooking online.
When people watch my videos or make my recipes, I want them to feel immersed in the experience. And with each bite of my dish, I want them to feel as if I made the dish for them right in my home. Though we are apart, this has become my way of connecting to people.

Welcome friends, to my kitchen 💞

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