Ethereal Character Design: Color Theory, Textures, & Stylization

By peach.milk.tee

30 lessons
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6h 11m
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Steps to Stylize Character Illustrations From Rough Sketches to Rendering Progress

with Artist, peach.milk.tee


Creating your own adorable character is not so hard and neither is picking the right color for them. I'm here to assist you to go through the progress! Using Photoshop! In this class, I would like to share my methodology, not only on how to create a character, but also on how to refine the drawing implementing technic such as selecting subtle color, controlling edges, distributing details on character. And many more additional tips that might enable you to improve your skills or develop your own art style!


This class is for both beginners and intermediate artists who wish to elevate their skills by learning more tricks and tips which allow them to find out their aesthetic in specific aspects such as: clothing, colors, shapes.


By the end of this class, you will learn the fundamentals of characters composition on canvas, how their pose will affect the drawing and how to add supporting elements (ex. Flowers, moons etc). The class will also help you decide the right amount of details and their distribution on a character, plus how to use references. You will achieve the techniques that facilitate you the ability to develop your own style or enhance your skills: from choosing color, adding lights, adding texture, to using "pop" elements (ex: sparkles, gradient map, effects etc).

Step 1: Elements Influencing Your Digital Drawing Style

Step 2: Creating Unique Color Schemes & Composition

Step 3: Drawing Techniques: Color Blending, Controlling Edges, Adding Texture, Light, Moods

Step 4: Workflow For Illustrator/Artist/Dreamer


  1. Meet Your Instructor!

  2. Introduction to Course Content: This course is about STYLE —!

  3. Introduction to Course Functions: Procreate and Photoshop parallel?!

Chapter 1: Elements influencing Your Digital Drawing Style

  1. Canvas setup and why it is so important

  2. Brushes setting: to sketch and to colour with them

  3. Essential course-survival: tools, shortcuts, effects, textures

  4. What’s Style anyway? — my personal perspectives

Chapter 2: Let's have fun! How Do We Pick Color?

  1. How I pick the right color schemes

  2. Experimental techniques to find out more and more about color combinations

  3. Color composition on a character

  4. Edit color to make it looks “pop” in PTS and Procreate

Chapter 3: My Approach to Adding Colors to the Drawing

  1. My way to pick the right brushes and various tips to modify them that suits your way

  2. How I apply colors to a drawing

  3. Techniques: color blending, controlling edges, adding texture

  4. Rendering process

Chapter 4: Character Design Crash Course

  1. How I come up with my character design

  2. Character poses and background elements

  3. Distributing details on character

  4. How I draw clothes and wrinkles

Chapter 5: Lighting Crash Course

  1. Fundamental about Lighting and Shading in drawing

  2. How I draw light and how to use colors to create moods

  3. Remember chapter 1? Let’s try some color experiments!

Chapter 6: My Drawing Process, from A to Z

  1. Canvas setup

  2. Finding inspiration and references

  3. Sketching and Creating colour sketch

  4. Rendering and Adding effects, texture, pop elements – Final touches

Bonus Chapter: My Experiences With My Drawing Career

  1. Commissions open

  2. Working on projects

  3. Conducting Illustration for publisher – Portfolio Preparation


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  • This class uses Adobe Photoshop CC/CS
  • Experience with digital art software (Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool SAI, Procreate, etc.) and an art tablet/ipad is strongly recommended for this class, but will not be required
  • This class will cover basic tips and tricks to using the program

Meet Your Creator
My name is Minh Thi Pham, or just Thi, you may know me as peach.milk.tee on Instagram or Facebook. I'm from Vietnam, have been studying aboard in Germany since 2018 and currently in my 5th year of Illustration and Media Design Bachelor Degree.
In spite of all the ups and downs in life, I'm a full-time dreamer by day and a freelance artist by night; and every once in a while, illustration jobs from publishers and companies fallen like stars hit me hard on the head. Drawing always pushes me to a limit that forces me to learn something new, to feel something great that help me overcome those challenges and open a new horizon.
As your mentor in this class, I'm significantly grateful to have the opportunity to share my experiences and to assist you on this learning journey!

Duration of the course

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Class Preparation

For iPad users: You will need Procreate & A Compatible Stylus Pen (ex: Apple Pencil)
For Drawing Tablet Users: You will need Photoshop

Class access

Class videos will be available by September 7th. We will notify you via email regarding how to access to the class videos on the release date.

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