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Illustrate and Create Compelling Characters and Stories

By Plastic Bottru

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Illustrate and Create Compelling Characters and Stories

Master and Create Webcomic with
Artist, Plastic Bottru


Deep inside all of us lives beautiful characters, worlds, and stories. But pulling them out and presenting them to the world can be challenging without a little help. Through studying anatomy, composition, color, and storytelling, I will show you how to create not only breathtaking standalone illustrations, but also how to create webcomics to engage your audience!


This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to create highly engaging and aesthetically appealing illustrations of their characters and how to start and succeed in making eye-catching webcomics featuring them and their stories.


By the end of this class, you will be able to practically apply your newfound understanding of anatomy, color choices, composition, and visual storytelling skills to standalone illustrations of your characters and you will be able to create and execute a webcomic series with those characters.

Step 1: How to utilize CSP to achieve what you want

Step 2: How to Implement anatomy simply

Step 3: Creating interesting and captivating lineart

Step 4: Using colors and rendering to your advantage

Step 5: How to use your illustration skills to create a webcomic


  1. Meet your Instructor- Plastic Bottru
  2. Introduction to the Course: Creating Narrative Character Illustrations and Webcomics
  3. Introduction to Materials: Getting Familiar with Clip Studio Paint

Chapter 1: The Basics To-Go

  1. Intro to CSP: Brushes to download for starting
  2. Line, Shapes and Form: An Overview
  3. The Basics of Color Theory

Chapter 2: Anatomy Lite™️

  1. Using Forms to simplify anatomy
  2. Using Lines to capture gesture/flow
  3. How to effectively use references    

Chapter 3: The Art of Lineart

  1. Understanding line flow
  2. Utilizing pen pressure
  3. Visual interest: Using shape in your Lineart

Chapter 4: Adding Character To Your Characters

  1. Using anatomy to express characteristics
  2. Utilizing expressions and body language
  3. Making character sheets

Chapter 5: Coloring

  1. Simple Approaches to Color
  2. A Crash Course on Effect Layers
  3. The Drama! Light, Dark and Contrast; And When To Use Them
  4. Bonus: Faking a traditional look and feel

Chapter 6: Creating Your Masterpiece

  1. Planning and Composing: the Pros of Thumbnails
  2. Sketching: doing it productively
  3. Using your lineart effectively
  4. Creating your mood with colors
  5. The finishing touches: spilling the tea on effect layers

Chapter 7: Webcomics; It’s Not Nearly as Hard As You’re Thinking It Is

  1. Overview of the basic process
  2. Planning Your Comic- How Much or How Little is Enough?
  3. How to format your comic for your platform
  4. Pacing and How to Do It Well
  5. Applying What You’ve Learned So Far To Webcomics
  6. Adjusting expectations and approaching comics realistically

Bonus Chapter

  1. Making art safely and sustainably for YOU
  2. Adding Diversity To Your Art
  3. Doing research and consuming media critically
  4. Art is a community. Use it.


1. CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve finished the Course! Plastic Bottru’s Parting Thoughts

Meet Your Creator

Plastic Bottru


My name is Martha Opiyo, or better known as Plastic Bottru (Plastic B) on social media! I am an illustrator that does both standalone illustrations of my characters as well as webcomics that tell the stories of said characters in great detail.

I’ve been drawing for about 10 years, most of which I spent teaching myself. I graduated from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Bachelors in Applied Illustration (basically it means I actually practice art) with a concentration in Sequential Arts (which means I focus on comics, storyboards and all that good stuff.)

My story with art started as many often do; with Manga and Anime! Ever since I got my little hands on a copy of Dragon Ball Z and watched Naruto and Bleach when I was around 11, my mind immediately decided that this was going to be my life. I was going to be a mangaka or an animator. Well, I grew up a bit and realized that those jobs are not as easy as one two three done, so I adjusted it to a broader term; an illustrator. Reading these mangas and watching these animes created a very strong and deep desire to create and develop characters and their stories. But it also created a deep desire to do so with the utmost level of technical art skills. And so I spent ten years experimenting, learning, and practicing to be able to show the world not only my characters live in, but also beautiful art that creates a visual connection with whoever chooses to look at my art.

My primary method of illustrating is digital art because of its versatility and the way it can accommodate my often fickle choices, but the beauty of illustration is that it can be done in all mediums. Digital art is also perfect (of course) for creating webcomics! I only learned that webcomics could be created by just about anyone around three years ago, and since then, making and consuming them has taught me a great many things about efficiency, audience engagement, and fully telling my character’s stories on my own terms.

I really hope that I can impart the knowledge I have gathered over these last ten years to you, and we can create unique stories that can make the world just a little happier together. Thank you!

  • People who want to learn illustrate using Clip Stuidio Paint
  • People who want to design their original character based on human anaotomy
  • People who want to build a character with attractive and strong personalities
  • People who want to publish their own webcomic

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