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Build Your Own Business with Original Characters and Compelling Webcomics!

By Refrainbow

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Build Your Own Business with Original Characters and Compelling Webcomics!

Become a Professional Webcomic Artist with
Creator, Refrainbow



This class will cover both the artistic side and business side of making webcomics. You'll get to learn important webcomic skills such as character design, color theory, and storyboarding-- all of which you can apply to suit your own art style. Not only that, you will also get an in-depth look on how you can maximize the readership of your webcomic, as well as the different ways you can monetize your work.


Anyone with a story idea and a desire to create a webcomic is welcome! Since this course also highlights the business side of webcomics, artists who are looking to make a living out of it will benefit from these lessons too.


You will learn various ways to approach the creation of webcomics with your own style. You’ll also find yourself as a more versatile and adaptable artist in whatever platform you choose to publish. Once the course is completed, you’ll have a pilot webcomic episode ready to go, as well as a plan of action on how you would promote it.

Step 1: Generating Ideas and Brainstorming

Step 2: Creating a Compelling Story

Step 3: Producing Your Webcomic

Step 4: Becoming Professional Webcomic Artist


  1. Meet your instructor: Refrainbow!
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Introduction to the Clip Studio Paint

Chapter 1: Idea generation

  1. Conceptualizing your ideas
  2. Anatomy tips and tricks
  3. Designing visually appealing characters
  4. Strengthening a character with personalities
  5. Worldbuilding a setting for your story

Chapter 2: Story

  1. Planning out your story
  2. Common webcomic formats
  3. Visualizing your story through storyboards
  4. Pacing and focusing on the wow moments in your chapters

Chapter 3: Familiarizing yourself with your tools

  1. Effectively using Clip Studio Paint
  2. Using Clip Studio Paint assets and resources
  3. Clip Studio Paint alternatives

Chapter 4: The art of Webcomics

  1. Choosing a workable, appropriate art style
  2. Coming up with a color palette
  3. Coloring techniques and drawing your first chapter
  4. Setting up the mood with effects
  5. Lettering basics

Chapter 5: Webcomic production

  1. Choosing the right platform for your comic
  2. Exporting your work
  3. Scheduling out your production

Chapter 6: Promoting your work

  1. Branding your comic with deliverables
  2. Promoting your work
  3. Optimizing your visibility on websites and social media

Chapter 7: Profiting off your work

  1. Online monetization for artists
  2. Merchandising tips and tricks

Bonus Chapter: Whalien and Moon Bunny Chapter 1 Process

  1. Commentary on Whalien and Moon Bunny Chapter 1 Process


1. Congratulations on completing the course, what's next?

Meet Your Creator
My name is Ray and I am an illustrator from Indonesia. I’ve been posting my art online for about 7 years. I’ve always loved reading webcomics and I find the medium to be a very interesting way to convey a story, so I started making my own webcomics! My most recent comic project, Boyfriends, has accumulated around 200,000+ subscribers in just less than a year.

You need to have your own Clip Studio Paint to take the class. For more information, please visit

  • Who want to learn how to make their webcomic more compelling and relatable
  • Who want to develop their webcomic and share it with others
  • Who want to expand their knowledge and understanding of webcomic
  • Who want to become a professional webcomic artist

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 32 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

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Class Preparation

You need to have your own Clip Studio Paint to take the class. For more information, please visit

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