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Create Eye-Catching Anime Illustrations with Cool & Detailed Characters

By Soshiki_Kao

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Digital Illustration for Delicate Anime-Designs

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If you’ve noticed, anime artworks are widely popular online. The reason for this is because they are not nearly as accepted in real-world scenarios as other styles of art are. There are even people who think that anime art “isn’t real art”, or that you can’t make a career out of drawing art in this style, but that’s actually not the case. In this course, you will be learning how to create high quality anime-style illustrations, whether for personal or professional use. I will teach you how to plan a drawing from scratch, following the steps that professional artists use in creating their illustrations. This includes finding cohesive color palettes and solid value structures. I’ll also discuss how to develop your own anime art style, and then how to draw different types of characters while staying consistent to your body of work.

This course is ideal for digital artists who are interested in learning to create eye-catching anime style character illustrations from start to finish. No prior drawing experience is necessary to take this course.

We will be starting from the basics (such as learning anatomy) and then discuss how to create unique and detailed character designs, including how properly to use reference and inspiration.

This course is perfect for beginner and intermediate artists. I’ll also be helping you to manage your contrasts and colors so that your illustrations will be able to grab a viewer’s attention.

By the end of this course, you will know the fundamentals of anatomy, and how to study and improve your anatomy straight from home! You’ll know how to use specific Clip Studio Paint features, such as the 3d model and the perspective ruler. (And for those who don’t use CSP, no worries! I will discuss any alternatives I know when necessary!) You will also learn how to use references, how to thumbnail, how to create intricate line arts, and how to color without losing the detail in your line works. Finally, we’ll be discussing some quick and simple tools in Photoshop that can really help strengthen your contrasts and colors.

Step 1: Anatomy

Step 2: Use of Color

Step 3: Perspective

Step 4: Shading

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  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Meet Your Instructor: Soshiki Kao!
  3. Introduction to Character Design

Chapter 1: Gesture Drawing & Fundamentals of Anatomy

  1. Learning the Basics of Clip Studio Paint
  2. Gesture Drawing
  3. Basics of Skeletal structure
  4. Basics of Muscular structure
  5. Stylization and Chibi-Style Proportions

Chapter 2: Clothing

  1. Placing Clothing Wrinkles
  2. Stylizing Clothings

Chapter 3: Character Design

  1. Facial Structure: Proportion
  2. Front, Profile, and 3/4ths View (Part 1)
  3. Front, Profile, and 3/4ths View (Part 2)
  4. Front, Profile, and 3/4ths View (Part 3)
  5. Drawing Hair
  6. Pose and Clothing Design (Part 1)
  7. Pose and Clothing Design (Part 2)
  8. Finding a Color Palette For the Character

Chapter 4: Planning, Composition & Concept

  1. Composition and Perspective (Part 1)
  2. Composition and Perspective (Part 2)
  3. Thumbnails
  4. From Thumbnail to Sketch
  5. The Importance of Reference

Chapter 5: Color and Value Studies

  1. How to Find the Proper Color Palettes
  2. Creating Values for Your Illustration
  3. Applying Values to Your Colors

Chapter 6: Solid Line Art

  1. Character Line Art
  2. Background Line Art (Part 1)
  3. Background Line Art (Part 2)
  4. Background Line Art (Part 3)
  5. Background Line Art (Part 4)

Chapter 7: Coloring

  1. Base Colors
  2. Shading (Part 1)
  3. Shading (Part 2)

Bonus Chapter: Touch-Ups in Photoshop

  1. Filters & Color Correction


1. Concluding the Course

About the Instructor



It’s nice to meet you! Online, I am known as Soshiki_Kao, and I’m a freelance illustrator located in the United States. I graduated from University of the Arts with a BFA in illustration, and I’ve been on social media for 4 years. I started drawing as a hobby like everyone else, but my passion for creating art led me to eventually pursue it as a career. Along the way, I faced some discrimination for having an anime-influenced art style, as the style is not nearly as recognized on the opposite side of the world. However, through those hardships I was able to grow stronger as an artist, and it helped me to gain more confidence in my work. Whether you are here because you have an interest in anime art, you feel like it’s too late to start drawing or you don’t know where to start (it’s not!), you’re facing criticisms because of your art style, or you’d simply like to learn about my process and experiences as an artist in the field, I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned and help you on your art journey!

  • People who want to learn illustrating with Clip Studio Paint
  • People who are already familiar with Clip Studio Paint
  • People who want to illustrate delicate designs
  • People who want an in-depth learning on anatomy and character design
  • People who want to learn chibi-styled character designs
  • People who want to get creative!

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