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Simplifying Digital Character Illustration with Vience

By Vience

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In this class, I’ll be showing you how to create simple but eye-catching character illustrations from start to finish! I will be going over all the basics—concepts, references, anatomy, colors, personality, design—everything you need to know to create your very own characters, start to finish. Not only that, I’ll also be helping you find or enhance your own art style!


This course is designed for anyone looking for a simple guide to jumpstart their journey into character illustration. I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned from the beginning, so anyone interested in learning the fundamentals is welcome!


By the end of this course, you will have a good foundation on creating character art. You will know how to draw real people, existing characters, and your own original characters in your own style! And, most importantly, you’ll know how to keep learning and keep pushing your art. By the end of this class, you will have everything you need to turn your concepts into reality, and more!

Step 1: Understanding Anatomy

Step 2: Reflecting Personality in Your Designs

Step 3: Choosing Appealing Colors

Step 4: Learn Vience's Approach to Character Illustration Step By Step


  1. Hi, I'm Vience!

  2. Introduction to the course

  3. Setting Up: The tools and brushes I use

Chapter 1: Drawing Faces

  1. Facial structures and proportions
  2. Drawing the face
  3. Stylizing the face

Chapter 2: Anatomy, But Make It Easy!

  1. Basic building blocks and proportion shortcuts
  2. Anatomy in Space
  3. Practicing anatomy

Chapter 3: Designing Characters

  1. Reflecting personality: Posing, body language
  2. Reflecting personality: Hair, outfits, accessories
  3. Expressions

Chapter 4: Creating a Concept For Your Illustration

  1. Starting with an idea and gathering inspiration
  2. Sketching the concept!

Chapter 5: Coloring

  1. Creating a palette
  2. Choosing colors for shading
  3. How I color
  4. Coloring the Hair
  5. Coloring the Outfit
  6. Making the Final touches

Chapter 6: Growing As an Artist

  1. Pushing your art style
  2. Growing on social media


Congratulations on completing the course!! ^0^

Meet Your Creator

Hi!! My name is Rovie Roberto and I’m a digital artist based in the Philippines. I’m currently an architecture major, but for some reason, I rarely ever put backgrounds in my art—my focus has always been bringing characters to life. I’ve been doing digital art since 2014, finally sharing my work in 2020. It was definitely a challenge learning how to draw all those years without a community to learn with or get critique from, so I’m super excited and super thankful for the opportunity to work with a community and to share everything I know with you all!

This course will teach and guide you on how to effectively utilize different tools such as "digital brushes," "palettes," and "blending options" in Procreate app.
We will help you adjust app settings to optimize your drawing experience.

*Please Note: Students will have to purchase Procreate application ($10 in Apple Store). It is not included in the course package.

Duration of the Course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Earn points to Extend the Class Access

Receive points by completing chapter missions OR by taking the class two or more times a week. And use the points to extend your class access!

Installment Payment

Quadpay is available for the payment! Your order will be split into 4 installments paid over 6 weeks! To find out more, please visit Quadpay.

Class Preparation

Also, you need an Apple Pencil to take the class. iPad Air, iPad, iPad Pro all works! Do not forget about downloading the 'Procreate' app as well.

Class Access

The Class will be launched by 23:59 US Pacific Time on the launch date. We will notify you via email regarding how to access to the class videos on the release date.

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