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Learn To Draw Cartoon Characters on iPad or Wacom Tablet

By Yunana

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4. English subtitles, Original audio in Korean.

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You can follow this class using either iPad (of any version) or Wacom tablet.
You must prepare a Clip Studio program (available online / App Store) to follow.

See for yourself to the improvements our classmates have made in this course!
176 students enrolled and 96% said they were satisfied with this course.

I listened to the your lectures and learning about tablet usage, hot keys, and other tips helped me a lot, making drawing characters much easier. I followed your lectures step by step. My hand trembles when draw, but I’m sure that when I review the lessons and practice, I will improve! Thank you so much!

-by Yu Jin

Practicing facial expressions is really fun! Because you explained it so well, I am able to enjoy drawing!

-by Oh Yeon Ji

Here is my drawing of Sailor Venus after taking your class! Being able to draw something like this really feels like a dream. I will tag you and post this drawing on instagram to promote your class. You’re the best!

-by Honeystaz

  • For those of you with an iPad
    • You can download Clip Studio app here
  • For those of you with a Wacom tablet
    • You can download Clip Studio program here

Step 01 : How to portray various expressions

Learn how to draw vivid expressions and draw out your character’s personality

Step 02 : The easy way to draw hands

Hands are the most important piece when drawing characters.

Step 03 : Drawing natural hair

Let's study the basics of face proportions and how to transform according to different styles.

Step 04 : Drawing the face at various angles

Learn how to add detail by drawing the face at various angles .

Step 05 : Adding objects to add emotion

Add everyday objects to make your drawings more fun.

Step 06 : Bonus! Tips on drawing the body in proportion

Did you know that there is a rhythm to the body? Learn about body proportions.

IN THIS CLASS, YoU will learn ABOUT the tricks of the trade to drawing characters uniquely

Everyone wishes to draw glamorous characters with unique personalities. In this class, you will learn about drawing characters in cartoon/anime style. This course will be covering a variety of techniques regarding how to draw facial expressions, props, and coloring.

What's more, this class will also cover some tips on how to draw characters efficiently and effectively. Those of you who have always been afraid to start drawing because it seemed too difficult, this is where you should start.


You can express characters with different personalities by giving variations to the shapes of their faces, eyes, noses, and lips. A slight change in the shape of a character's eyes results in a dramatic difference on the impression he/she gives. Let's learn about how to control the facial features of the characters you draw.


What many people don't realize about drawing a character is that facial expressions are crucial in expressing the personality of that character. Real-life people experience joy and sorrow. Shouldn't your characters do that too? You don't have to always draw smiling faces. The character you draw should also cry, laugh, and get angry.

Since many people feel like they have to draw something pretty, they only draw smiling characters. But even smiles depend on the situation. You can draw a confident yet beautiful face with a special touch to the edge of the character's lips. A character with different facial expressions will elevate the quality of your drawing.

Many people say that they can't get over that stage when you are first learning to draw and trying not to lose interest. In order to overcome that stage, you have to try out a lot of different styles. At the end of that trial and error, you will finally be able to draw what you really want to draw.


Drawing a beautiful character doesn't end at drawing an interesting face. You should also draw his/her clothes and body. The crease of the character's clothes depends on the direction of the joint being bent. If you learn to master some tips to naturally express clothes, you will see your character also looking much more natural.

Let's start learning step by step!

Drawing : Rough sketch → Line clean ups → Coloring → Adding Light and shades.
This class guides you through the process of drawing characters from the beginning to the end.

beginners like you have made great improvements

Below is a piece of work by a student who has taken Yu-nana's class. It was his first time taking a digital drawing course.

When he first drew the characters, he was having a hard time drawing smooth lines. Yet by the end of the course, he was able to draw lively characters with incredibly neat lines.

You will be able to draw pictures much more easily if you know the formulas for drawing facial lines, hair orientation, and wrinkles on clothes!


This is the class curriculum. Each chapter consists of videos, class notes, and attached files that help you practice with.


  1. Introducing the course
  2. Meet Yunana: illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  3. Let’s look at the materials needed for this course

01. How to Use Your Tablet

  1. Basic tablet setup
  2. Clip Studio tools
  3. Keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work
  4. Visually appealing colors

02. How to Draw Attractive Faces

  1. Golden Face Ratio
  2. Eyebrows & Eyes
  3. Face drawing from various angles
  4. Unique facial expressions

03. No more Awkward Body Drawings

  1. Hands
  2. Hand gestures
  3. Upper body & Drawing from pretty angles

04. How to Draw Clothing Wrinkles

  1. Draw creases using shapes
  2. Different types of creases according to clothing materials
  3. Dressing up your character

05. Hair makes the difference

  1. Natural-looking Hair
  2. Glossy hair
  3. Shading

06. Pretty props

  1. Flowers
  2. Cute desserts

07. Completing a drawing

  1. TIP : Face coloring
  2. Basic shading
  3. Full demonstration from rough sketching to completion

Bonus: Drawing movements

  1. Body proportions
  2. Understanding the differences: Male vs. Female
  3. Natural and smooth postures


Congratulations on completing the course!

Illustrator Yu-nana


Hello! I am Yu-nana, an illustrator and your instructor! When I was young, I loved Sailor Moon so much that I became interested in painting when my parents bought a coloring book from the stationery store. I read and followed comic books and applied the pictures to combine backgrounds and add colors. Everyone has different reasons why they like painting, but I think I want to draw my own charismatic paintings. I wanted to share those times with you so I prepared this course!

  • People who want to create their own characters
  • People who want to properly draw on iPad or Wacom Tablet
  • People who want to draw characters using Clip Studio

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