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If you've been looking for a new skill or hobby and feel unsure where to start, we can ensure that you'll find something to learn at CLASS101.

What makes CLASS101 different?

  • What makes CLASS101 different?

    Looking for a new skill or hobby and feel unsure where to start? You'll find something here at CLASS101

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Create Compelling Character Concept Art for Games

Jeff is a fantastic teacher. His class is very well put together. It starts with the basics but soon progresses to more challenging concept art tasks. He gives a logical workflow on how to approach concept art. And uses well known techniques in different ways that I haven't seen anywhere else to be honest. Best of all, Jeff takes the time to give meaningful feedback that will help you improve as an artist. But you have to put in the effort and give it a try. Highly recommended!

Richard’s Review

Travel & Lifestyle Illustrations - Learn Marker & Pen Drawing

This was my first class and I really loved it! I was very excited to learn how to use the markers and I was really pleased with how quickly the materials arrived. Following along to the videos was very relaxing and Rini’s comments were very encouraging. I can definitely see an improvement since I started.

Taylor’s Review


Absolutely love everything about the class so far! I am a bit slow learning new things, but really enjoy being able to go at my own pace and rewatch different parts of the class if needed

Michelle’s Review

Drawing Architectural Landscapes from Photo References

Stephen is a phenomenal teacher. Over the course of several lessons he built my confidence in drawing very ornate architectural detail and handling perspective and rows and rows of windows. I love the idea he teaches about creating the effect of detail. My work grew so much during this course that now I have four framed pieces to hang in my professional office. I thought it would take more color to create such beauty but he taught me how to create beauty with the gray tones and shading and shadows. I can’t recommend this course highly enough, it’s fantastic. I can’t wait to take another course from Steven.

Shelly’s Review

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