Digital Drawing

Thinking with Color: From Rough Sketches to Final Rendered Artwork

By Andrea Soto

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Thinking with Color

Learn Sketching, Coloring, and Final Rendering with
Artist, Andrea Soto

When it comes to illustrating, there is no must path to follow, and using a detailed line-art isn't always necessary! Learn how to render from a rough sketch and shape your characters further with just color, shades, and texture.

I will help you adapt the oil painting technique to digital drawing to develop a unique coloring technique. You will soon understand your ideas from a volumetric perspective and give them life even without the detailed lines.

Join me step by step to learn about my illustration process, including selecting colors, finding the spectrums of shades, and rendering it to look professional.

This course is perfect for digital artists interested in learning about creating a color palette and integrating a blending coloring technique! We will explore color theory, harmony, and combinations that will help you keep your color range on a manageable scale.

This course is ideal for both beginners and intermediate artists. I will also guide those who need coloring techniques to improve their drawing skills without needing to do linework.

By the end of this course, painting won't be a recurrent issue in your art process! You will know how to pick colors, improve their contrast, choose complementary colors, and shade and contour to the shapes to stand out.

By following each step throughout the course, you will be able to integrate this coloring process into your artwork and create fully rendered pieces!

Step 1: How to Draw with PaintTool Sai

Step 2: How to Choose Your Own Color Combinations

Step 3: How to Add Dimension with Shadows and Lights

Step 4: How to Render Your Art

Step 5: How to Illustrate from Scratch


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Pandrea!
  2. Introduction to the course: From rough sketches to final rendered artwork
  3. Introduction to Paint Tool Sai

Chapter 1: Tips and tricks for PaintTool Sai

  1. Exploring Paint Tool Sai’s basic Tools
  2. Useful shortcuts to work faster
  3. Learning quick sketching and cleaning techniques
  4. Improving your sketches by adding effects

Chapter 2: Creating the Color Palette

  1. Understanding Basic Color Theory
  2. Experimenting with color harmony: Monochrome, analogous and complementary colors
  3. Choosing your color palette according to the mood of your illustration
  4. Applying color to your sketch!

Chapter 3: Learning about Light, Shadow, and Shading

  1. Exploring the types of lighting you can use
  2. Understanding the color and spectrum of the shadow
  3. Shading your figure to look voluminous and stand out

Chapter 4: Rendering Skin with Anatomy & Proportion

  1. Understanding the body proportions using figure structures
  2. Learning the basic structure of muscle positioning
  3. Developing from muscles to skin  
  4. Mastering the basic structure of the face
  5. Rendering the face

Chapter 5: Rendering Hair

  1. Sketching the basic shape of the hair
  2. Shading according to the hair color and lighting.
  3. Fixing up long hair: straight, wavy, braided
  4. Fixing up short hair: straight, fluffy, spiky

Chapter 6: Furnishing Clothing

  1. Sketching the shape and wrinkles with reference
  2. Understanding how shading works on the clothes
  3. Rendering the fabric
  4. Experimenting with textures: latex and fur

Chapter 7: Creating a Final Illustration from Scratch

  1. Deciding on the basic form and looking for references
  2. Applying sketching and cleaning techniques
  3. Choosing your base colors
  4. Adding details and effects to your illustration


1. Congratulations on Completing the Course

About the Instructor


Nice to meet you, I'm Andrea!

I'm a freelance illustrator, author of the webcomic "Of Cupid's and The Likes" on Tapas, and a graphic design student based in Costa Rica. I've been active on social media platforms for about 8 years. However, my passion has always been in art and illustration for my entire life.

My artistic journey started as a self-taught exploration from a very young age. I was particularly fascinated by how color can not only express emotions, but also convey feelings, and improve storytelling, so that has always been my focus. Working as a freelancer has given me the confidence to grow as an artist and help others progress in more practical and efficient ways.

Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

Like plenty of other artists I've come to know, it all started with one thing: Anime. Ever since I was a kid, I was amazed by the variety of colors that animated TV shows would have and the extra vibes and feeling that colors gave to the scene! I would prefer it over live-action series because real life wasn't as colorful as anime, and precisely that is what made me love it so much! I started wanting to share my own stories, characters, and feelings through art, starting a young age. And over the years, I've been able to do so on social media, which motivated me to make my living out of it.

  • People who want to learn about Paint Tool Sai
  • People who want to explore the usage of colors in illustrations
  • People who are interested in coloring and cleaning techniques.
  • People who want to learn about different types of lighting and shadows
  • People who want to apply anatomy and proportion in character design
  • People who want to add details with clothing and hair design

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