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Creating Your Own Adorable Characters for Webcomics

By Bobblejot

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Learn to draw adorable characters on the iPad with
Creator of Bobblejot comics, Phoebe

Master character design from start to finish

Have you always wanted to create your own stories with cute characters and share it with the world? I will walk you through the basics including everything you need to get started!

With my experience in creating comics on popular platforms such as Webtoon and Instagram, I will be showing you the same creative process I use to create my characters as well as how to write dialogues and paneling to bring your stories to life.

This course is for new creators looking to start and publish their own webcomic series or people who want to learn to draw their own original, adorable characters for comics.

I will cover the basics of character illustration and story writing in comics, including tips on the more practical aspects of publishing webcomics, such as choosing your webcomic platform and designing comics that are optimized for each of them.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the concepts you will need to create cute, shareable webcomics, which you can then apply to your own story ideas and maybe even come up with a bunch of characters you’re ready to start building your first webcomic series with!

Step 1: Overview of MediBang Paint

Step 2: Skecthing with basic shapes

Step 3: Adding Personality to your Character


1. Meet Your Instructor: Bobblejot
2. Introduction to the course
3. Introduction to MediBang Paint

Chapter 1: Overview of MediBang Paint

  1. How to use the canvas and layer functions
    • Choose your canvas size and resolution
    Add, delete, arrange and group layers

    • Introduction to Multiply and Add functions for layers

  2. Introduction to commonly used tools
    • Brush settings
    • Paint bucket tool settings
  3. Masking
    • Using Clipping mask and Protect Alpha

Chapter 2. Sketching characters with basic shapes (Non-human Characters)

  1. Understanding cute proportions
    • Introduction to the fundamental ratios of cute characters
  2. Using shapes to build your character
    • Learn how to use simple shapes to draw arms, legs, snouts, beaks, wings etc.
    • Recreate characters using simple shapes based on reference photos
  3. Adding key features to your character
    • Identify and add key features of a character based on reference photos

Chapter 3. Sketching characters with basic shapes (Human Characters)

  1. Simplifying human features
    • Create base sketches for cute human characters with simple shapes
    • Learn how to position facial features using guidelines
  2. Drawing hands
    • Learn how to draw hands in different poses
  3. Simplifying hairstyles
    • Stylise and redraw different hairstyles based on reference photos
  4. Stylising clothes and accessories
    • Learn how to draw various types of clothing with different materials and folds

Chapter 4. Developing a color palette

  1. Choosing cohesive colours
    • Learn how different colour palettes give different impressions (e.g. neon vs pastel)
  2. Shadows and highlights
    • Learn how shadows and highlights can be added based on light source
    • Practice adding shadows and highlights to characters based on the light source given
    • Manual colour picking vs using Multiply and Add for shadows and highlights
  3. Colouring different surfaces
    • Cloth, metal, or glass

Chapter 5. Adding personality to characters

  1. Adding facial expressions
    • Practice drawing expressions based different emotions
  2. Introducing body language and poses
    • Learn how to pose your character
    • Practice posing characters based on different personality types and emotions
  3. Adding unique aesthetic features
    • Experiment with adding different features to a character (e.g. thick eyebrows, scars, marks, patterns, eye lashes etc.)
  4. Designing accessories and props
    • Create clothings and accessories that compliment your character (e.g. a scarf, band aid, bag etc.)

Chapter 6. Developing your own cute character (Freestyle)

  1. Build your own character (non-human)
  2. Build your own character (human)
  3. Creating backgrounds for your character

Chapter 7: Paneling for short webcomics

  1. Creating a storyline
  2. Composing panels based on a storyline

Bonus chapter: Procreate

1. Setting up
2. Drawing a character in Procreate


1. Congratulations on Completing the Course

About the Instructor

Webtoon and Comic Artist, Phoebe

Tori and Samuel Webtoon

Hi everyone! I’m Phoebe, the artist of the comic series Tori and Samuel on Instagram and Webtoon. I’ve always had a passion for creating characters and comics, which is why I decided to take up an animation course in University where I was able to go in-depth into character design and visual storytelling.

I started my Instagram account two years ago illustrating cute characters and shortly after started a comic series featuring a corgi and a munchkin cat, Tori and Samuel. With the encouragement of my husband, I decided to turn my webcomic series into a full-time job and have since been able to live my dream of supporting my family through the comics I create.

I hope to be able to tap on all my past experiences to help those who share similar dreams to get started on building their own series!


  • This class uses MediBang Paint
  • To take this class, you need to have access to this software
  • The class will cover how to use and apply the program


  • Those who wants to get better at the basics of digital drawing
  • People who want to learn my style of character design.
  • Artists who want to learn my workflow and new skills to their repertoire
  • Anyone who loves drawing and loves to create imaginary worlds and wants to see their characters come to life!

Duration of the Course

You will have unlimited access to the class content for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can play the videos on as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

Quadpay is available for installment payments. Your purchase can easily be split into 4 installments paid over 6 weeks through Quadpay.

Class Preparation

You need to have your own MediBang Paint to take the class. For more information, please visit

Class access

We will send you an email with a webpage link and a personalized code to access the videos within 24 hours of purchase.

Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

I’ve been drawing for over 15 years, but it was only as recently as two years ago that I started settling on my current illustration style. I decided to create a comic around one of the characters I drew, which happened to be a corgi. With some inspiration and support from my husband, I was able to create and publish the webcomic, build a readership on Instagram and Webtoon, and after a year take the dive into working on Tori and Samuel full-time.

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