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Horror Creature Design with Deadly Melodic

By Deadly Melodic

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Horror Creature Design with Deadly Melodic

with Artist, Deadly Melodic


In horror films, as well as fantastic horror games, there are many monsters sprinkled throughout. Sometimes those terrifying but phenomenal creatures stick with you and, perhaps, you even start to think ‘Could I make a creature like that?’. The truth is, you can!

However, as you may have guessed, there is plenty of work that lingers behind those designs, both on a creative and technical level. That hard work shouldn’t scare you though, as anyone can do it! Many times, the process by which these monsters are created is left out, and it can be hard to truly grasp all that’s necessary to really bring them to life.


In this course, we’ll be exploring the depths of horror design to truly understand what makes a monster come across as scary. We’ll also be breaking down the basics of softwares like Zbrush and Maya to make it much easier to understand all the technical aspects required to create a 3D creature. This class is packed with information that will allow you to confidently create horror monsters from a simple 2D concept to a fully rendered 3D model. Not only that, you’ll be able to more confidently approach horror and create creatures that stick with the viewer like glue.


This course is for intermediate to advanced artists who want to understand the creative and technical process that comes with creating a horror monster that is fully-functional; one that can be placed right into a game or film. If you’ve ever struggled with making a design appear ‘scary’, or have found it difficult to fully grasp all the steps that come with making a horror creature, I’ll be walking you through each step. I’ll be discussing my thought process behind horror design, the bits of psychology that goes with it, as well as guiding you through all the technical aspects.


In the end, my goal is to guide you through my entire process, from mere concepts to complete and finalized renders. I want to provide you with the thought process I use to fabricate a creature from scratch, as well as the mindset to not be afraid to try new things, even with the risk of making a mistake or straying from the original idea. Creating a monster is so much more than simply making something scary. It’s also about really working and researching to understand them, and building them with care for every detail in mind. Making something that looks like it has a purpose and could exist in our world with us is one of the many keys to creating a horrifying monster.

Step 1: Making a Plan with Concept Sketching

Step 2: Learning the Basics of 3D

Step 3: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Step 4: Creating Portfolio Ready Renders


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Molly Brown (Deadly Melodic)!
  2. Introduction to the class: Horror creature design
  3. Choosing a workspace and necessary softwares

Chapter 1: Sketching, Reference Gathering, and Research

  1. Making a plan and its importance
  2. Gathering references for form, color, and texture inspiration
  3. Researching your references
  4. Communicating ideas through various rough sketches

Chapter 2: Learning the Basics of Zbrush

  1. Setting up a project and navigation
  2. Main brushes and shortcuts
  3. Dynameshing vs Zremesher
  4. Masking and transpose
  5. Understanding alphas and subtools
  6. Polygroups & Layering

Chapter 3: 3D Sketching and Giving Concepts Volume

  1. Transferring 2D concepts to 3D
  2. Using masking to speed up 3D sketching
  3. Utilizing subtools to build forms
  4. The importance of anatomy and reference
  5. Decimation exporting

Chapter 4: Learning the Basics of Maya

  1. Importing OBJ’s and setting up your file
  2. Navigating your workspace
  3. Understanding Retopology and its importance

Chapter 5: Retopology and UV Creation

  1. Using Quad draw and live surfaces
  2. Clean typology vs messy
  3. Using the UV tool kit
  4. Creating a clean UV set up

Chapter 6: Texture, Color, and Map Generation

  1. Importing and reprojection in Zbrush
  2. Using subdivision to make texturing simpler
  3. Using Alphas to produce fast results
  4. Coloring using Zbrush
  5. Creating maps with multi-map exporter

Chapter 7: Posing and Rendering in Arnold

  1. Posing with Zspheres
  2. Creating a render space in Maya’s Arnold
  3. Using hypershade
  4. Adjusting materials
  5. Lighting your creature
  6. Getting high quality renders

Chapter 8: Render Editing and Paint Over

  1. Painting over imperfections
  2. Using Photoshop/Procreate to tweak your renders
  3. Saturation, color balance, sharpness and more

Bonus Chapter: Self Care

  1. Allowing yourself to make mistakes through the process
  2. Giving yourself time to improve
  3. Allowing time to rest


Congratulations on completing the class!

Meet Your Creator
My name is Molly Brown and I consider myself a freelance character and creature designer. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, about the age of three. I've always had an astonishing passion for creating characters, monsters, and world-building. I have created all my own stories to give life to these worlds, anywhere from developing environments, to characters and their personalities, as well as props and finalized illustrations. I attended an arts high school, and from there, attended PrattMWP. I sadly left my sophomore year, as I was unable to afford it and my loan only kept growing larger. I, instead, opted for an online course under CG Spectrum, where I was mentored by Brian Huang. I was introduced to 3D art as a way of improving both the quality and efficiency of my concept art. Since then, I've developed a deep passion for 3D art, and have taught myself both ZBrush and Maya, as well as what goes into creating a fully fleshed character/creature that can be rigged and function in a film or game setting. I'm still a young artist, attempting to get my foot in the door and my name out there, and I'm sure many art students feel the same way. I hope to, one day, contribute to a horror game or film, and share my passion for creature design with a wider audience.
  • Who want to enhance advanced skills to use Zbrush and Maya
  • Who enjoys creating 3D characters
  • Who is a fan of horror genre!
  • Who want to learn sophisticated techniques to create 3D character designs

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

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