Enamel Pins: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

By Evy Benita

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Enamel Pins: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

From Enamel Pin Designs to Business with
Creator, Evy Benita


Do you enjoy designing your own worlds or characters? Are you looking for a way to turn your passion for art into a viable business? If so, enamel pins might just be the perfect field for you, and I'm here to show you how to get started. From idea to design, to production process and effects, to product launch and marketing, I will teach you how to transform your unique designs into a thriving enamel pin business.


This class is for anyone interested in making enamel pins, whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced maker looking to grow. You will have a passion for drawing and design, and an interest in turning this into passion into a business.


By the end of this class you will have a greater understanding of how to transform your illustrations into enamel pin designs. You will be familiar with the enamel pin production process, as well as effective small business marketing techniques. Upon completion, you will have all the knowledge necessary to launch your shop with your very own enamel pins.

Step 1: How to transform your original designs into enamel pins

Step 2: An in-depth understanding of different effects and materials

Step 3: What manufacturers I use, and how to find new ones

Step 4: My methods for crowdfunding success: Kickstarter, pre-sales, and pin clubs

Step 5: Business aspects: increased revenue through budgets, sustainable pricing, and social presence


  1. Meet your instructor
  2. Introduction to the course

Chapter 1: Enamel Pin Fundamentals

  1. Enamel pins: how they’re made
  2. Introduction to design requirements
  3. Exploring a world of plating
  4. Exercise: create four unique color palettes for the design provided, using the plating types

Chapter 2: Design Considerations

  1. Breaking down types of enamel
  2. Sparkles and glow: a journey into special effects
  3. Innovate with multi-piece designs
  4. “The Back”

Chapter 3: My Design Process

  1. Pre-visualization
  2. Sketching out ideas together
  3. Defining our outlines
  4. Color-testing to elevate your design

Chapter 4: Manufacturing

  1. What to look for vs. what to look out for
  2. Snooping in the right places
  3. Introducing my own manufacturers
  4. Production timeline: what to expect

Chapter 5: Getting Production-Ready

  1. Balancing size with level of detail
  2. Setting up our design document
  3. Introduction to Pantone colors
  4. Pricing and Costs: assembling a sustainable budget

Chapter 6: Post-Production

  1. Grading your pins
  2. Troubleshooting: what happens if you get a bad batch?
  3. Product photography for your brand
  4. Packaging

Chapter 7: Successful Crowfunding

  1. Pros and cons: pre-sale vs. in-stock
  2. E-commerce pre-sales
  3. Kickstarter
  4. Patreon and monthly pin clubs

Bonus Chapter: Your Brand Promotion

  1. Which shop platform is right for you?
  2. Defining your brand and business
  3. Tips for building a social presence
  4. Case studies: material quirks


1. Congratulations on completing the course, what's next?

Meet Your Creator

Hi there!
My name is Evy Benita, and I am a full-time illustrator and enamel pin maker based in the UK. I grew up in the Southern outskirts of Norway, surrounded by fjords, forests, and fauna, which continues to influence my work to this day. I have built my business on my original artwork and niche interests, and I'm a firm believer that anyone can do this. However, it takes a while to get started if you don't know how or where to do so. I receive messages and emails every day asking how to get started, and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share my experience and advice through Class101.

This course will teach and guide you on how to effectively utilize different tools such as "digital brushes," "palettes," and "blending options" in Procreate app.
We will help you adjust app settings to optimize your drawing experience.

*Please Note: Students will have to purchase Procreate application ($10 in Apple Store). It is not included in the course package.

  • Who want to understand the fundamentals of manufacturing enamel pins
  • Who want to create an enamel pin with their original character and drawing
  • Who want to start their own enamel pin business
  • Who want to learn tips and tricks to run a successful enamel pin business

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

Quadpay is available for the payment! Your order will be split into 4 installments paid over 6 weeks! To find out more, please visit Quadpay.

Class Preparation

Also, you need an Apple Pencil to take the class. iPad Air, iPad, iPad Pro all works! Do not forget about downloading the 'Procreate' app as well. Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator will also be briefly mentioned in the class.

Class access

Once you purchase the class, you will also get an email with a webpage link and a personalized code to access the videos within 24 hours. You can access the class by going to ‘My Order’, click your order, and register the class code to start the class.

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