Learn How To Create Acrylic Portraits That Surpass Reality

By Joongwon Jeong

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Where should I fix if I want my work to resemble the subject? I feel like the impression looks slightly different!

-by Garam Kim

I’m finishing up the eyes and the nose. Using a flat brush still feels a bit awkward.. but I will have to practice a lot if I can paint like you! It’s getting more fun! 😄

-by songssi

Portraitist Joongwon Jeong's Short Introduction of the Course

The class aims to complete one realistic portrait in a total of eight chapters. I think it is better to complete a single profound art piece than ten casual art pieces. From choosing reference photos, sketching, coloring to finish, you will learn the properties of acrylic paints and practice how to use them in depth.

Step 01 : How to draw portraits

Learn how to add character to your portraits, expression emotions and feelings

Step 02 : Familiarization with acrylics

Understand the features of acrylic paints, practice the appropriate coloring techniques for acrylic paints, and apply them to the production

Step 03 : Realistic details and coloring

Learn and practice sophisticated, dense coloring techniques that enable you to realistically reproduce targets


  1. Introducing the course
  2. Meet Joong Won Jeong: illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  3. Let’s look at the materials needed for this course

01. Where to Begin

  1. Brush, paint, canvas, palette: Understanding the tools
  2. Painting the canvas with gesso, an acrylic primer
  3. Easy and quick shortcuts to speed up your work!
  4. Taking pictures of your model

02. The Sketching

  1. Understanding the Shape of the Face
  2. Observations and Measurements
  3. Sketching on the Canvas

03. Getting Comfortable with the Paints

  1. Understanding the properties of acrylic paint
  2. Practicing coloring techniques: Alla Prima
  3. Practicing coloring techniques: Blending
  4. Practicing coloring techniques: Glazing
  5. Practicing coloring techniques: Impasto

04. Starting the Coloring

  1. Coloring the background
  2. Secondary sketching
  3. Preliminary coloring

05. Continuing the Coloring

  1. Adding a background
  2. Contrast in shading, Creating volume

06. The Eyes, Nose, Lips, and Ears

  1. The most important feature: creating the eyes
  2. The Beauty of Three-Dimensionality: Nose
  3. Colorful but subtle: creating the lips
  4. The axis of impressions: creating the ears

07. The Details

  1. Depicting wrinkles
  2. Depicting the texture of the skin
  3. Depicting hair, eyebrows and facial hair

08. The Finishing Touches

  1. How to adjust the atmosphere: Emphasis and omission
  2. Painting the varnish
  3. Applications and tips for painting different people on your own


Congratulations on completing the course!

Illustrator Joong Won Jeong


Hello! I am Joong Won Jeong, a painter and your instructor! I majored in visual design at Hongik University College of Fine Arts and earned a master's degree from the Department of Painting in graduate school. Known as an artist who paints characters like pictures, I offers various exhibitions, workshops and lectures at home and abroad.

I've won the Best Painting Award at the Beaux-Arts Arts Competition in 2011 and was selected as the guest artist of the Loha Gallery in 2015 to teach a workshop in Seville, Spain.

At TEDx held in Kuala Lumpur (2014), Seoul (2016, 2018), Japan (2017), I gave lectures on hyper-reality and portrait painting. Also, I appeared on KBS Panorama (2015), JTBC As I said (2016), MBC My Little Television (2017), EBS Education Discussion and Science Documentary Beyond (2017). As the youngest person ever, I was commissioned to make an official portrait of the 19th National Assembly speaker and the 5th Constitutional Court president.

I think painting is a process of looking at objects in an unusual way and expressing them in my own language, conveying that strange look to the viewer. Any object that you are familiar with is expressed in various shapes, depending on the feelings and thoughts of the observer, the colors and materials used, and the shape of the lines and brushstrokes.

The audience will then see the painting in more diverse and different ways. The artwork is just a replica of a two-dimensional plane, but with that image, we see, feel, think and imagine the original object again. So when the object is freed from obsolescence, our sensibilities and reasons expand.

I have been fascinated by portraits since I was a student preparing for college, and during my college years, I have experimented with various materials and techniques. Now, as an artist, I use acrylic paint to describe the skin texture of the face and even hair in an extremely realistic way.

My subjects range from people who exist in the real world, such as friends, family, and celebrities, to people who exist in the past and in the imagination, such as Homerus, Venus, Sigmund Freud, and Oscar Wilde. A person's face may be boring to look at every day, but it evokes new emotions and imagination each time, depending on how the viewer looks, how he feels, how he or she interacts with the object.

  • People who want to paint a portrait that is highly complete
  • People who want to learn how to use acrylic paint
  • People who want to learn realistic depiction techniques
  • People who want a self-portrait with a high degree of perfection
  • People who want to paint a portrait and give it as a gift

Materials are picked & used by the artist.

 1. Linen Canvas 10F Size (21" X 18")

- A high-end canvas with linen-draped over a frame made of cedar.

2. Gesso, 9oz.

- A material that uniformly organizes rough surfaces on canvas and helps color to maintain its own color.

3. Brushes

Hwahong 132 series Back Ground Painting Brush,Flat Brush NO6
Hwahong 948 Flat Paint Brush,5 Pieces Detail Brush Set,Size 1 to 5
Hwahong 948 Flat Paint Brush, Size 8
Hwahong 320 Pointed Round Brush set for detail work. 5 pieces, Size 1 to 5.

4. Shinhan acrylic 50ml tube

This is an expert acrylic paint by Shinhan at a reasonable price and excellent color. It consists of a list of the following colors that are used primarily to draw the portrait:

503 Carmine
519 Jaune Brilliant
529 Olive Green
539 Ultramarine Blue
552 Raw Sienna
554 Brown Red
557 Vandyke Brown
560 Black
562 Titanium White

5. Mijello Multi-purpose Palette MAP-3025

- This palette has been released exclusively for acrylic paints. Easy to clean and have a lid to keep paint dry.

6. Mijello Height Adjustable Water Bucket for Portable 1.5 Liter to 2.5 Liter.

7.Table Tree Easel/SHJ-11

- Table easel for those who feel uncomfortable about keeping a big easel at home. It can be easily used on a normal basis and folded when not in use, it can be folded for storage.

8. A towel

*Materials can be changed due to the circumstances and will be notified if there is a change.

*The shipping is being delayed due to a supply issue for Easel.

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Q. I've never painted before. Can I keep up with you?

A. If you've never painted before, the process of taking shape and painting can be a bit daunting. But I'm sure your drawing is proportional to your determination. I'll explain the step-by-step process in as much detail as I can, so if you keep practicing based on what you've learned in the class, you'll definitely finish a great piece.

Q. Is there a reason to complete only one piece?

A. Realistic characterization is work that requires a long time and since it’s not a class that studies light drawing or illustration, I thought it would be more helpful to complete one weighty piece in a dense way. We’ll show you as many different techniques as we can use in each step of the work, so please apply what you’ve learned in this class to other works.

Q. Can you apply the techniques you learned from painting characters to other genres of paintings?

A. Yes. It uses a variety of methods of observation and expression, such as shape, likeness, contrast, yang, space, and color changes. If you get used to painting characters, it will also help you draw pictures of various types such as landscape, still life, animals, and abstracts.

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