Digital Drawing

A Step by Step Guide to Anatomy for Sketching and Doodle Art

By Mr. FishCorpse

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Turn Your Doodles into Art

Doodle and Sketch Art Class with                                                                                                                     Artist and Illustrator, Mr. Fishcorpse

This course is about creating your plans for your future project with the use of doodling techniques.

Writing can be complicated so why not doodle it to give you a solid image of your idea? This course can also help you with making animations as it will also tackle the techniques in creating dynamic poses with stylized anatomy, exercising your hand to create quick doodles and giving your art more energy by applying personality into your character.

Anyone is welcome to join! If you are interested in making quick doodles and sketches then let me teach you how to turn them into animation, short comics or other forms of art.

I will be sharing my own experience and tricks in making clean line-art or doodle without the need of a messy guideline. I will also teach you how to use anatomy and apply your style into your drawing.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create scenes in both comics and animation and you can do all of these in a short period of time.

You can create your own world in your drawing device or notebook and expand it anytime you want so that you can publish it along with other doodles you created.

Your ideas will no longer be stored in your imagination because you will learn how to store it into your sketchbook for your future projects!

Step 1: Basics of Autodesk Sketchbook

Get familiar with Autodesk Sketch, and make your drawing process easy, simple and fun!

Step 2: Improve Your Sketching Ability

Learn gestures, forms, and poses along with fundamentals of anatomy for doodles and drawings.

Step 3: Apply What You Learn to Complete a Drawing in Your Style

From understanding basic shapes including anatomy, poses, hands, feet, gestures to everything you need to know to start drawing more interesting figures in your own style.

Step 4: Create Simple Comics and Animations From Start to Finish

Turn your doodles into animation and comics to bring them to life.


1. Meet Your Instructor: Mr. FishCorpse
2. Introduction to the course
3. Introduction to Autodesk Sketch

Chapter 1: Making Basic Sketches

1. Getting used to Autodesk Sketchbook
2. Learning Gestures, forms, and poses
3. Basic Anatomy with doodles

Chapter 2. Building Up Doodles

1. Understanding basic shapes from anatomy
2. Understanding basic shapes from anatomy (Bonus)
3. Shading with lines and adding textures to line-art
4. Shading with lines and adding textures to line-art (Bonus)
5. Practice drawing with references

Chapter 3. Practice Stylized Anatomy (1)

1. Basic Hand and Feet gestures
2. Basic Hand and Feet gestures (Bonus)
3. Line of action
4. Line of action (Bonus)
5. Pose by pose sketching

Chapter 4. Practice Stylized Anatomy (2)

1. Basic Body language
2. Basic Body language (Bonus)
3. Dynamic poses
4. Dynamic poses (Bonus)
5. Full body shading
6. Full body shading (Bonus)

Chapter 5. Creating an original character from scratch

1. Character design
2. Character design (Bonus)
3. Character development
4. Character development (Bonus)
5. Story building
6. Story building (Bonus)

Bonus Chapter: Planning a Webcomic

1. Create your very own world
2. Writing dialogues
3. Simple backgrounds


1. Congratulations on Completing the Course

About the Creator

Artist, Mr. Fishcorpse


Howdy! I'm the artist Fish. I spend most of my time doodling stories in my sketchbook and animating short comics. I publish my own comic series, Wolves and Sheep, once a week. I don't start from a thorough draft for each episode, but rather it grows organically as ideas build up and get polished from the messy doodles that I randomly draw on my notepad. I think this process is cool and fun, so I want to share it with you!

In terms of art, I simply do what I want to do which motivates me to create more doodles and sketches because to me, drawing is fun and relaxing. I take inspiration from my friends and other stories that I read. I enjoy drawing anatomy because it adds personality to the character by creating movement and this is where ideas start to come and eventually build into unique characters.


  • This class uses Autodesk_SketchBook
  • Autodesk_SketchBook is a free software
  • To take this class, you need to have access to this software
  • The class will cover how to use and apply the program


  • Those who wants to get better at the basics of digital drawing
  • People who want to learn my style of character design and doodles
  • Artists who want to learn anatomy for sketching
  • Anyone who loves drawing and who loves to create imaginary worlds and wants to see their characters come to life!

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Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

I used to read a lot of comics, mainly about superheroes and horror so I used to make my own short comics at the back of my notepads in high-school. Everyday, I build on the comics that I already have until I complete a story-line that creates a new fantasy world. I always have a small notepad with me to keep my ideas there, and every page is covered with messy doodles and dialogue. But every doodle is a whole new story and there I am creating a non-stop doodle of my ideas that could potentially be used in any future artwork. I want to share this method with you as a fun and interesting way to look at art or cre

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