Motion Graphics: Animated Messages & Illustrations with After Effects

By Sai

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I still have a long way to go, but I'm working hard while watching your lessons! :) Next time, I will make a video applying what I’ve learned! I got to know you after watching a video of Pets Go! Dangdang Trip on Notefolio, but I paid right away when I saw that you were going to create a class. Thanks to you, I think I can have a fun time. I'm looking forward to the next video! Please continue to take good care of us.^0^

-by Jeong Dasol

I made a concept of a killer on the loose! If I can add a walking motion next time, I would like to add a gun.Haha

-by Lee Sohyeon

I made my favorite character by using the ball technique you taught us!

-by Jaehoon

Express yourself through animated messages

Hi. I’m Sai, a motion graphics designer.

I mainly work on epic motion graphics through illustrations, logos, and character designs.

Motion graphics that catch the eye with colorful movements

Motion graphics have the power to delight the viewer's eyes while effectively delivering what they intend! Have you ever wondered how they were made watching illustrations or hand-drawing videos on TV or YouTube?

In this class, we will create high-quality motion graphics with various effects using illustrations drawn directly with a tablet. If you create motion graphics using illustrations, you can express more freely and express your own personality, so the process is difficult, but when you complete it, you will be so satisfied.

Watch your illustrations come to life

The images we see in our imaginations are usually full of movement. I’ll show you how to recreate those scenes in animations.

Firstly, we will learn about the After Effects interface, and start with the basic principles of animation, and then move onto various types of animations. You won’t be a professional animator overnight, but I'll teach you how to add movements one by one. It requires a bit of simple and repetitive work! With a little bit of patience, a wonderful piece of art will be completed.

Shape Layer Animations: We will learn about the shape layer, the basic layer for creating shapes.

Liquid / Sticky Animations: We will learn how to express liquid objects and create animations that look as though they are flowing.

Morphing Animations: We will create an animation using a technique that transforms the shape of an object into a completely different shape, from point A to point B.

Character Animations: We will draw a character using a tablet and create an animation that gives movement to your characters and bring them to life.

Animation using video references: Lastly, after drawing characters based on key motions derived from videos, we will create a lively animation with detailed motions.

So that you can create on your own

Animation itself is a process that requires a lot of time and concentration. However, I will share my work process from planning to motion so that you can work efficiently without difficulty. Take a look at how I work and I’ll share with you some useful tips you can use to get a higher quality result!

Create animated messages with a tablet.

Digital art with Sai.

Step 01 : After Effect Interface

The main program we will be using to create our animations is Adobe After Effects. Learn about the tools and shape layers we will use on After Effects.

Step 02 : Effects and Expression

Effects and expressions will help you add style to your animations. Learn how to add different elements at only a few clicks.

Step 03 : The Principles of Animation

To be able to create animated messages, you must first have a strong foundation of the principles of animation. I’ll walk you through the theories of animation through simple practices.

Step 04 : Character Animations

You can bring your characters to life with animations. Learn how to create both a walking and running animation effect to your character illustrations.

Step 05 : Frame by Frame Animations

A frame by frame animation is made up of many still images that are combined to give the semblance of motion. Learn how to create each frame, piece by piece, until you get a full animation.

Step 06 : Video Based Animation

You can use a video as a reference to mimic motion in your animations. I will show you how you can base your character movements on real videos and mimic them in your animations.

Step 07 : The Whole Process

Once you’ve mastered all the individual elements that make up animated illustrations, I’ll show you my process of creation, from planning to inserting motion.

Step 08 : Useful Scripts

What is Motion tool Duik? How does it help with creating animations? I’ll answer these questions and give you several other tips that will serve useful when taking your animations to the next level.

Welcome to Sai’s Motion Graphics Class

  1. Introducing the class: Sending messages through motion graphics illustrations
  2. Meet Sai: motion graphics designer and your instructor
  3. Preparations before class

01. The Basics of After Effects

  1. Exploring the After Effects interface
  2. Organizing the shape layer and other layers
  3. The properties and masks of layers

02. A Firefly in the Night Sky

  1. Creating the illustration using the shape layer
  2. Understanding keyframes
  3. Adding the motion of the firefly - Ping pong expression
  4. Adding in background motions

03. Adding Style

  1. How to use noise
  2. How to create and use sources
  3. In practice: the firefly motion graphics illustration
  4. Tip: How to use the motion tool

04. Understanding Animation

  1. The 12 principles of animation
  2. Creating a bouncing ball animation
  3. Creating a sticker animation 1
  4. Creating a sticker animation 2

05. Character Animations

  1. How to express emotions
  2. Understanding a walking/running cycle animation
  3. Creating a character on Adobe Illustrator
  4. Creating a walking character animation - duit bassle
  5. Adding moving hair and a cape
  6. Creating a background - CC bend it effect
  7. Adding style

06. Frame by Frame Animations 1

  1. Using Photoshop to create a liquid animation 1
  2. Using Photoshop to create a liquid animation 2
  3. Tips for creating 2D effects

07. Frame by Frame Animations 2

  1. Creating the eggplant characters
  2. Giving the characters motion - Matching the key motion
  3. Giving the characters motion - Adding detailed motions

08. Creating an Entire Video

  1. Planning - Finding and using references
  2. Storyboard - Screen rendering
  3. Understanding the key visual
  4. Finishing your video

Bonus: Morphing Animations

  1. How to create morphing animations 1
  2. How to create morphing animations 2

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In closing: Sai’s parting thoughts

Creator Sai


Hi, I’m graphic designer Sai.

I worked for a long time on a broadcasting side, and now I am working as a freelancer. I mainly work with illustrations and based on the knowledge I’ve accumulated, I would like to give you a fun look into what I do.

I've loved animation for a long time. As a result, I naturally became interested in characters and movements, and after looking for work related to them, I found what I’m doing right now. As you progress through the class, I hope you will also feel the joy of animating your characters.

  • People who are interested in motion graphics
  • People who want to create unique animations using illustrations
  • People who have the patience to follow the struggles of the animation process to the end
  • People who are curious about the process of making motion graphics with their own hand
  • People who want to learn a new, enriching hobby

Program guide

This class is taught using Adobe After Effects.

You need to prepare the program for a smooth class. Program price information can be found on Adobe’s website. The PC used by the creator has a Windows operating system. You can also take the class with a Mac operating system, but there may be differences in methods such as using shortcut keys.

The class will be using the 2019 version of After Effects CC.


This class is taught using Adobe Photoshop.

You need to prepare the program for a smooth class. Program price information can be found on Adobe’s website. The PC used by the creator has a Windows operating system. You can also take the class with a Mac operating system, but there may be differences in methods such as using shortcut keys.

The class will be using the 2019 version of Photoshop CC.


This class is taught using Adobe Illustrator.

You need to prepare the program for a smooth class. Program price information can be found on Adobe’s website. The PC used by the creator has a Windows operating system. You can also take the class with a Mac operating system, but there may be differences in methods such as using shortcut keys.

The class will be using the 2019 version of Illustrator CC.


📩 Packages are subject to change and students will be fully informed in such changes.


Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

Quadpay is available for the payment! Your order will be split into 4 installments paid over 6 weeks! To find out more, please visit Quadpay.

Class Preparation

You need to have your own Adobe Lightroom to take the class. For more information, please visit

Class Access

We will send you an email with a webpage link and a personalized code to access the videos within 24 hours of purchase.

Q. Do you really need a tablet?

A. It is not required, but it is recommended. In this lesson, the use of the tablet will be useful when creating frame by frame animations. Of course, it is also recommended to prepare the tablet for other work since it will save a lot of work time and be less tiring than through a mouse. If you think that the mouse is more comfortable, you do not have to buy a tablet.

Q. Should I be good at painting to take the class?

A. You don't have to be good at drawing. The illustrations we use as sources for the class are created using simple shapes. As long as you have your own style and personality, you should be fine.

Q. Is it possible to take a lesson with the iPad?

A. As long as you can use the programs on your iPad, it is possible.

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