CLASS101 Terms of Use

Effective Date: 7th September 2022

CLASS101 is a service platform where CLASS 101, LLC. (“Company”) provides content, products, etc. to members. Members may use the services that the Company provides through CLASS101 (“Service”) over information communication devices such as computers and mobile phones. The details of the Service and conditions of use can be found in the Terms of Use, policies, services pages, etc.

These Terms of Use (“Terms”) set forth the rights and duties between the Company and members regarding the use of the Service.

1. Accounts

1.1 Member Registration

An account created by membership registration is required to use the Service. In this regard, the Company may take steps to verify a member’s identity. Membership registration may not proceed if the member refuses to provide information necessary for membership registration or enters false information or information of another person.

1.2 Minors

Minors may be restricted from membership registration or use of the Service pursuant to relevant laws and regulations and must obtain consent of a legal guardian such as a parent prior to payment for use of the Service. However, if payment was made without a legal guardian’s consent, the minor or the legal guardian may cancel the payment.

1.3 Account Information Update

If account information such as email address or other contact information is changed, it is the member’s responsibility to update such changes, and the member shall bear any disadvantages caused by not updating the account information despite no willful misconduct or negligence of the Company.

2. Subscription Service

2.1 Use of the Service

Members may use various content without restriction during the subscription period. However, the types of available content may change at any time, and the types of available content may be limited depending on the area of access to the Service and device used. In this regard, the Company may provide members with electronic notification such as by text message, email, and push notification about the content included in the subscription service.

2.2 Method of Payment

Use of the subscription service requires registration of a payment method such as a credit card. The subscription fee is paid on the payment date using the registered payment method, and if payment is not made using the registered payment method, the subscription service will be terminated. In this regard, if a member registers multiple payment methods, the member consents to payment by another registered payment method in case the default payment method fails. Members may change their payment method. If a member uses another person’s payment method or enters unlawful information, the use of the Service may be suspended without notice.

2.3 Payment Date

Members can check the next payment date under “My Page” within the Service. If payment is made using a third-party account as a payment method, the member may check the next payment date on the same third-party account.

2.4 Fee

The Company may change the subscription fee at its sole discretion. In such a case, the Company will electronically notify members and obtain consent at least seven days before the scheduled change of the subscription fee. If a member does not agree to the change of the subscription fee, the subscription service may be terminated.

2.5 Withdrawal and Cancellation

2.5.1 Even after canceling the subscription service, a member may continue to use the subscription service until the end of the subscription period (i.e., month) in which the cancellation date belongs. However, a member may withdraw from the subscription and receive a full refund within seven days of the payment date if no content was used (including downloading content or material).

2.5.2 If a member cancels after paying for the subscription service for more than one month, the refund amount will be 90% of the balance after deducting from the payment amount the monthly subscription fee prorated to the number of months used. The number of months used includes the month in which the subscription was cancelled.

2.5.3 For purchases of the subscription from an external online/offline store or in-app purchase, the refund will be subject to the refund policy of the place of purchase.

3. Sale of Content

3.1 Content

Members may purchase and use content sold individually by the Company within the Service. Conditions for refund can be found in the refund policy.

3.2 Coaching service

In some areas, members may purchase a coaching service to receive answers on questions posed directly or indirectly to Creators relating to the content. When using the coaching service, members shall not ask questions that violate relevant laws or social ethics, and engaging in negative verbal behavior such as abusive language or threats may result in restriction of the use of the service. Conditions for refund for the coaching service can be found in the refund policy.

3.3 Goods

In some areas, members may purchase various types of goods, including materials necessary for the use of the content (i.e., taking a class within the Service). Conditions for refund for the goods can be found in the refund policy.

3.4 Promotion

The Company may offer promotions to members. The subject and details of the promotion may be decided or modified at the sole discretion of the Company. In addition, existing members, including new members, may be excluded from certain new promotions. Information such as the subject and conditions of promotions will be separately provided through electronic communication.

4. Restriction of Use

Members may use the Service at any time. However, if telecommunication facilities require maintenance and repair or if the information and communication network fails, the use of the Service may be restricted. In addition, the Service may be restricted by the laws, courts, administrative orders, etc. of the country in which the member resides.

5. Terms of Compliance

5.1 Restrictions

Regarding the use of the Service, Members are restricted from the following:

- Acts in violation of the laws of the Republic of Korea or another country

- Unlawful acts by direct or indirect use of the Service

- Entering unlawful information during membership registration

- Interfering with a third party’s use of the Service by means of fraud or undue influence

- Theft of a third party’s personal information or payment method

- Disposing of or lending one’s account or payment method to a third party, including by collateral, trust, etc.

- Infringing the intellectual property right of the Company or a third party

- Damaging the reputation or credibility of the Company or a third party

- Posting information involving obscenity, cruelty, violence, or gambling

- Discriminatory acts in violation of individual human rights or rights to equality

- Use of the Service for the profit of the member or a third party (e.g., advertising)

- Collecting third-party information without authorization

- Damaging or interfering with the Service operated by the Company, or overloading the servers

- Sending or posting information (computer programs) other than those allowed by the Company

- Archiving, duplicating, publicly transmitting, distributing, modifying, exhibiting, demonstrating, publishing, or licensing content or information included in or obtained through the Service, and creating, selling, recommending, or using work derived from such content or information

- Bypassing, deleting, modifying, invalidating, weakening, or damaging content protection functions within the Service, using robots, crawlers, scrapers, or other automated means to access the Service, decompiling, reverse-engineering, or disassembling any software, other products, or processes accessible through the Service, manipulating the Service in any way, such as by inserting codes or products, or using data mining, data collection, or data extraction methods

- Uploading, posting, emailing, or otherwise sending or transmitting any material, including computer viruses and other computer codes, files, or programs, designed to interfere with, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer software, hardware, or communication equipment related to the Service

5.2 Use of Community Services

Members may make postings using the Community Services. However, creating a post containing any of the below expressions is prohibited:

- Expressions that defame the Company or a third party

- Expressions that infringe the intellectual property rights of the Company or a third party

- Expressions that infringe the privacy of a third party

- Discriminatory expressions that infringe human rights or rights of equality

- Use of the Service for the profit of the member or a third party (e.g., advertising)

- Expressions that include obscenity, cruelty, violence, and gambling

5.3 Violation of the Terms of Compliance

If a member violates 5.1 or 5.2 of the Terms, the Company may request remedial action, block postings, or restrict account creation or use, and take legal action such as claiming damages. If the Company takes any of the above measures, the Company will provide notice to the member pursuant to 6.4 of the Terms. In addition, if due to a posting made by a member the right of a third party is infringed, such as by invasion of privacy or defamation, the third party whose right has been infringed may request the deletion of the posting by explaining the violation through the Company’s Customer Support. Upon receiving such a request, the Company will take necessary measures without delay and electronically notify the third party and the member. However, if it is difficult to determine whether a third party’s right was infringed or a dispute between interested parties is expected, access to the posting may be temporarily blocked for up to 30 days.

6. Member Withdrawal and Account Suspension

6.1 Members may withdraw at any time. However, the withdrawal of a member with remaining obligations to the Company may be postponed.

6.2 If a member does not agree to an amended terms of use and the pre-amendment terms of use cannot be applied to the said member, the Company may withdraw the member even without the member’s application to withdraw.

6.3 The account of a member who violates 5.1 or 5.2 the Terms may be temporarily suspended. In such a case, the Company shall not be liable for extension of the class period or refund for the lapse of the class period due to the restriction or suspension of account use.

6.4 The Company will individually notify the member at least one week prior to the commencement date of the account suspension under 6.3 of the Terms. However, the Company may shorten the above period if necessary, and reserves the right to notify the member after the account suspension where necessary.

6.5 If information posted by a member whose account has been suspended violates 5.1 or 5.2 of the Terms, the Company may delete all or part of such a posting.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 All content provided by the Service are owned by the Company or a third party and shall be protected by relevant laws and international treaties.

7.2 The Company will strive to protect the valuable intellectual property of its members and third parties. If the Company infringes on the intellectual property rights of a member, the Company shall be liable for the damages suffered by the member pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.

7.3 If a member posts information within the Service, the Company or third party may use such information for the purpose of operating, promoting, or improving the Company or the Service. However, the Company will stop using such information when notified of a member’s objection thereto.

8. Personal Information

8.1 Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Company may collect and use a member’s personal information pursuant to its Privacy Policy. However, members may refuse to provide personal information or request the deletion of personal information at any time. In addition, the Company may send marketing material to members by electronic means such as text message, email, or push notification pursuant to relevant laws and regulations. Members may refuse to receive marketing material at any time.

8.2 Deletion of Personal Information

When a member withdraws, the Company shall destroy or preserve for a period of time the member’s personal information pursuant to relevant laws and the Privacy Policy. However, the Company may maintain any postings already made by a withdrawn member.

9. Limitation of Liability

9.1 The Company does not warrant the lawfulness, accuracy, truthfulness, reliability, validity, etc. of its content.

9.2 The Company does not guarantee the integrity of the data constituting the Service.

9.3 The Company shall not be liable for harms resulting from causes attributable to a member or causes beyond the control of the Company including but not limited to acts of God/nature, strikes, and infectious diseases.

9.4 The Company will not intervene in disputes between members, and the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by such disputes unless the Company itself was liable for the disputes.

9.5 The Company shall take protective technical measures necessary for the security of information systems including members’ personal information pursuant to relevant laws and regulations. However, in the event of a computer security incident of the Company’s information systems due to hacking or computer virus despite the protective technical measures, the Company shall not be liable for any losses incurred by a member unless the Company itself was liable for the computer security incident.

9.6 If the Company acts as an intermediary for mail-order sales, the Company is not liable for transactions between a seller and a member. However, the Company shall provide seller information to members pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.

9.7 If the Company supplies products not manufactured by the Company to members, the Company is not liable for the product. However, when a member requests information about the manufacturer of the product, the Company shall provide it to the member pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.

10. Interpretation and Amendment of the Terms

10.1 The Company shall fairly interpret these Terms according to the principle of good faith, and shall not interpret them differently depending on the customer. In addition, any unclear parts within these Terms shall be interpreted in the customer’s favor.

10.2 The Company may have in place separate terms or policies with respect to individual services constituting the Service. Such individual terms or policies shall be subject to establishment or amendment pursuant to 10.3 and 10.4 of these Terms, and shall have the same effect on members as these Terms. However, Terms shall take precedence in case of any inconsistency between these Terms and terms or policy for an individual service.

10.3 If the Company amends these Terms, members will be electronically notified of the key amendment and the date the amended Terms will be implemented, at least seven days prior to the date of implementation. However, in the event that the amendment contains information that may be deemed unfavorable to members, the Company will provide notice 30 days prior to the date of implementation.

10.4 In case the Company amends these Terms, the Company will obtain consent by separately and individually notifying members that “if member fails to deliver its rejection of the amended terms by the day before the date of implementation or continues to use the Service after the effective date, the member is deemed to have agreed to the amendment of the terms of use.” Members may or may not consent to the foregoing, and any member who does not deliver its rejection of the amended terms before the implementation date or continues to use the Service after the implementation date may be deemed to have consented to the amendment. However, if a member does not agree to the amended terms of use and the pre-amendment terms of use cannot be applied, the Company may withdraw the member.

11. Notifications

The Company provides notifications under these Terms electronically through the email address and phone number provided by the member. In case of notification to an unspecified number of members, the Company may post a notification electronically within the Service for at least one week in lieu of sending individual notifications to each of the members. Provided, however, the Company will provide separate notifications to members with respect to matters that may have material impact on the transaction with the member.

12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

12.1 These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.

12.2 Any legal proceeding arising out of the Terms or the transaction between the Company and a member shall be brought before the Seoul Central District Court in the Republic of Korea as the court of the first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.



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